Veneer masonry is one of the most popular choices to add nostalgia and class to your home. Whether you’re building a house or remodeling it, adding natural stone can be one of the best choices to create warmth and coziness. With the incredible ability to resist the elements, standing tall and high even after years have passed, you can never go wrong with stone veneer installation.

Natural stone doesn’t easily decompose, creates a picturesque exterior, and is the easiest to install. There is a reason why medieval castles and buildings like the Coliseum were built using natural stone.

Read this guide to find out how you can incorporate durable and sustainable stone veneers around your house.

The Versatility of Stone Veneers

Stone veneers aren’t just used for a natural luxurious look, but also because of how versatile they are. Stone veneers can be installed in many different regions of your home, whether interiors or exterior, or even if you just want to add accents to your walls. Stone can even be used to revamp your fireplace or added to your television wall.

The Different Types of Stone Veneers

Finding the right type of stone veneer to opt for, should be the first step when planning out your house exterior.

Here are the two main types of stone veneers:

Full Bed Stone Veneer

The full bed stone veneer is used by contractors for a vertical surface. It is about 6-8” in thickness and can be installed in many types of stones (fieldstone, limestone, slate, etc.)

The process of this type of stone veneering is first to mortar the stone to the wall and secure it with steel ties. Full bed veneers give your walls a beautiful look but require highly skilled contractors to install them.

Thin Stone Veneer

Instead of using natural stone, thin stone veneer utilizes fabricated stone. The thickness of the stone is usually around 1” and is very easy to handle. The stones are directly adhered to the wall using a mortar.

Now that you know about the types of stone veneer, you can start looking up ideas to enhance your walls and columns. 

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Read ahead to find out how you can use stone veneer around your house.

Spruce up Your Patio

There is nothing better than spending time with your friends and family sitting on the patio. Build an outdoor fireplace or add stone veneering to your patio to make your patio lively again. Once your patio looks warm and welcoming, you can host a barbecue night, or have a chill night chatting away with your friends.


Rustic Touches

Create a rustic look in your outdoor living space by adding accents to your walls and columns with stone veneers. There is nothing more unique than having full wall coverage of stone veneers in your porch and patio.

Add Style to Your Garage

The garage is one of the largest entrances to your house. With monochromatic walls, you could be just wasting away your perfect chance to renovate your garage with stone veneers.

Accessorize your garage doors and gable with stone veneer to make it stand out and make a statement!

Beautify your Fireplace

Nothing looks more luxurious than stone fireplaces. Whether you have an outdoor fireplace or an indoor one, adding stone veneer to the backdrop will instantly add the look of luxury to your exterior space. Create a custom outdoor fireplace with stone veneers and you never have to worry about it wearing out.

Stone Chimney

Skip the Vinyl for Your Chimneys  

If your fireplaces are made with stone, having a vinyl pipe for your chimney gives it an odd appearance. The usual vinyl siding in chimney pipes isn’t the best choice. Vinyl can deteriorate easily due to heat, and with time it can become unpleasant to look at.

Replace the outdated vinyl with stone veneers and give your house a fresh look. Stone veneer is resistant to all kinds of elements and does not rot or form any mold. Keep your house looking brand new and exceptional by opting for stone veneers.

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