Imagine this: the warm summer evening breeze whistling around, a cup of tea, or a glass of wine with your loved ones, and a lush green landscape to frame the sunset; sounds perfect, doesn’t it? There’s nothing more surreal than relaxing outdoors on your own patio. However, designing a patio doesn’t only mean setting some chairs and a table. Patio designing involves creating a vision and working to transform your idea into reality. It’s time to bring all your patio goals together, and design a complete masterpiece. Here are some ways to revamp your patio:


Add Some Greenery

One of the first things to do is reconsider your landscape design. Learn more about your native plants and find out the most suitable ways and areas to plant them. Consider adding colorful planters to add a pop of color. You can plant horizontally or even vertically on the fence. Remember the green background will set the tone and mood of your space. Make sure you constantly care for and maintain these plants so they’re always looking their best. 


Build a Cozy Seating Area

With all the greenery and sky views, you’ll need a comfy seating arrangement to enjoy all those family evenings or some time out alone. If you have a small space, we recommend opting for foldable furniture as this can be easily used and stored depending on the number of people you’re entertaining. A comfy outdoor chair, hammock, or bean bags are great if you have ample space. The chairs should be comfortable for extended use. You can even add a couch to sit back, relax and enjoy your favorite book during those long summer evenings. 

If you already have some chairs or a couch, then simply change their slipcovers to give them a fresh and new look. We also recommend adding a rug on the floor for days when you want to lie down and star gaze or enjoy the sunset. 

Add a Splash of Color 

Once you’ve decided on your seating arrangements, don’t forget the final touch-ups. Add a dash of color with some fluffy or furry pillows! They’ll be great for a backrest or even just something to hug on. When choosing your pillows, be sure to find outdoor-friendly fabrics. These are weather resistant so you won’t have to worry about frequent wear and tear. If you’re into minimalistic designs, choose monochrome pillow covers. However, if you want to add some personality, then vibrant, printed pillows will be your best bet. The patio is your canvas; paint away! 


Choose the Lights Wisely 

Lighting is one key element that has the power to completely transform your space. A well-lit patio isn’t only inviting but also gives an illusion of a larger space. You can choose between wired or solar lighting options, based on your setup. If natural light is available in abundance, we recommend placing solar in-ground so you can save on electric power as well. Lighting is also important so that you can enjoy your outdoor space well after sunset. Add an umbrella and hang a strand of lights for a magical ambiance. You can enjoy your evenings with friends and family outdoors and the place will also look great in pictures!

Cover the Noise 

If your house is in a busy street, the traffic and construction noises can ruin the peaceful mood. A smart way to mask this noise is by adding a waterfall or a mini fountain. This relaxing sound will work in line with your setting; you can unwind and relax without any disturbance. A Bluetooth speaker is also a great addition; you can listen to your favorite songs on it. 

Add a fireplace

An outdoor fireplace is an excellent feature to add to your space if you’re fond of entertaining. Your family and friends can gather around, toast marshmallows, sing songs, and enjoy the warmth it offers. An added bonus of a fireplace is that it also adds to the curb appeal and value of your property. So if you ever plan to sell your house, you can rest assured this fireplace will be a great selling point.


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