Updating the fireplace can transform how a room looks by adding a rustic warmth and an extra layer of coziness. Fireplaces work best in living rooms or backyard patios, where they can be used for warmth all year round. 

But since thick stone veneer or brick can be heavy and challenging to install, homeowners now prefer thin stone veneer for fireplaces. 

Thin stone veneer is made of 100% natural stone and provides the same functionality, durability, and look as full bed veneers. Moreover, it is easy to install and can be done quickly to liven up any space. 

Here’s why we think you should choose thin stone veneers for your fireplace:

Choose From Natural Or Synthetic:

Natural stone veneer refers to naturally formed authentic stone veneer. This is heavier than its synthetic counterpart and gives a lovely look to your fireplace. Cut thinly; it is easier to install too.

Synthetic stone veneer gives the same look as natural stone veneer. It feels like a stone to the touch and is ideal for those looking to DIY their fireplace. 


Thin stone veneers are versatile enough to be used around the home in different projects. They are beneficial for use in fireplaces since they are lightweight. 

Natural, full bed veneers are very heavy and may require you to reinforce your floor if you get it installed. 

Add to that the weight of the hearth and mantel, and it’s a truly heavyweight combination. Thin stone veneers, however, are lightweight and do not require floor reinforcing.

Thin stone veneers are non-flammable and non-combustible, making them safe for use in a wood or gas fireplace. They are easy to install and only require knowledge of simple application techniques. 

Thin stone veneer can endure all kinds of weather. So if you’re using it for an outdoor fireplace, you can rest assured knowing it won’t need resealing or painting. 

Looks Unique:

Whether you use it in an indoor or an outdoor fireplace, a thin stone veneer can give it a unique look. Modern cutting techniques can create the illusion of bigger and fuller stones. 

Your guests will be amazed, thinking your fireplace is constructed entirely out of stone. Thin stone veneer can be applied on different surfaces like stone, wood, and metal. 


Thin stone veneer usually has a higher R-value than other materials such as wood, fiberglass, and brick. 

R-value refers to the level of insulation in the home, and with a stone veneer, you can adjust this to your own comfort.

If you want to get a thin stone veneer installed on your fireplace, get in touch with us at Stone Solutions Maine. We offer expert masonry and landscaping services in Saco, and create beautiful works of art for your home. Contact us for further details.