Imagine stepping outside to a landscape teeming with tales of elegance and permanence. Stone borders marry art and science to create a polished, refined look that is as functional as it is aesthetically pleasing. Proper landscaping can elevate your yard from mundane to magnificent. At Stone Solutions Maine, our experts have perfected the practice of elevating outdoor living spaces into breathtaking masterpieces through the art and science of hardscaping. 



The Beauty of Stone Landscaping


Stone, one of the oldest building materials in history, has always been revered for its natural strength, beauty, and longevity. When used in landscaping, stone borders offer a refined aesthetic and boast exceptional durability, standing strong against the test of time and the elements year after year. Whether you’re considering stone borders for your current or future home or to enhance the curb appeal of a property you plan to sell, they add an upscale, polished touch that’s hard to beat.

Unlike cheaper edging materials like wood, plastic, or aluminum, which deteriorate quickly and ultimately cost more, high-quality stone is virtually indestructible. When installed on a proper, stable base, stone borders will maintain their beauty for decades with minimal maintenance, making them a cost-effective choice in the long term.


No Rot — No Rust — No Fading



Natural Strength and Longevity


There’s something undeniably sophisticated about stone that elevates an ordinary landscape into something extraordinary. Stone borders offer a polished sophistication that complements southern Maine’s natural beauty. Whether framing a blooming garden or edging a serene pathway, stone adds an upscale aesthetic that immediately enhances your property’s curb appeal.



Stone Retaining Walls


stone retaining wall


Retaining walls are more than an eye-catching aesthetic that frames your landscape like a work of art. They are also very effective at holding back soil and preventing erosion on steep slopes.


soil retaining wall


This isn’t to discredit their aesthetic appeal. These walls not only serve to protect your yard from the elements but also allow you to add dynamic elements to your yard, including but not limited to layered planting beds and level spaces for amenities like patios, fire pits, and sitting areas.


fire pit retaining wall


With endless design possibilities regarding materials, colors, textures, and layout patterns, retaining walls can seamlessly complement and enhance any architectural style. A rustic wall of stacked field stone adds Old World charm, while a sleek, modern wall of interlocking concrete blocks with crisp lines has a contemporary look.



Stone Garden Edging


stone garden edging


Few things are as satisfying in landscaping as the crisp, manicured lines of stone edging around visual points of your landscaping project. Stone edging’s versatility allows it to be used for virtually everything from lining flower beds and vegetable gardens to framing pathways, waterways, and water features. It’s functional for delineating spaces, facilitating activities like snow removal, and adding excellent decorative detail. Stone edging defines your landscape by making lines look sharper and more intentional.


stone garden edging


Something as simple as a stone border around your garden can transform it from ordinary to extraordinary. Only adding to the versatility, there are many material options, such as bluestone, granite, limestone, and sandstone, all of which offer incomparable natural colors and textures. The edges will only add to the effect no matter which material you decide on. Stone edging can blend easily with any landscaping style, from rough-hewn edges for a rustic aesthetic to clean, precise cuts for a modern flair.


Inspiration Tip: Edging made from repurposed historic cobblestones or bricks is another way to add vintage charm to your landscaping or hardscaping design.



Boulders for Rustic, Natural Edging


fireplace boulders


For a more rustic, natural look, large boulders can create striking edging and borders in landscaping. Strategically placed boulders have a way of grounding the design, adding an earthy, organic feel. These can outline gardens, pathways, or property boundaries while enhancing texture and visual interest.


accent boulders


Boulders are an excellent way to incorporate native rock into your landscape in an intentional, sophisticated way. Varying in size from substantial to massive, boulders make a bold statement as edging materials. Their raw, weathered appearance blends in beautifully with natural surroundings. Boulders are also extremely durable and require virtually no maintenance over time. This edging solution is perfect for those wanting to embrace an untamed, rustic aesthetic inspired by nature itself.



Cobblestone Aprons and Driveways


cobblestone driveway


A stunning cobblestone apron gracefully adorning your driveway entrance is the perfect way to add classic elegance and enhance the curb appeal of a New England-style home. Cobblestones are an ideal choice for aprons, given their exceptional durability to withstand vehicles, drainage functionality, and timeless, charming appearance.


cobblestone apron


Unlike poured concrete, a cobblestone driveway apron provides a pleasing visual with its natural variations in stone color, size, and texture. Antique cobblestones’ time-worn character feels warmly welcoming, while modern paving materials aim to appear perfectly uniform. Cobblestones’ unique charm and character set them apart, making them perfect for some exterior design styles.



Professional Installation is Key


While small projects can be tackled on your own as a fun spring DIY, it’s best to enlist the expertise of professional masons for larger projects. Don’t let this deter you, though; professional masons will work closely with you to ensure your landscaping or hardscaping dreams are made a reality.

At Stone Solutions Maine, we understand the crucial role of adequately preparing a solid base and expertly laying stone materials for structural integrity and longevity. Our crew has the specialized knowledge to calculate grading needs, build effective drainage systems, and lay stones in an interlocked pattern that will stay put in the right place over time, ensuring your project stands the test of time.

Bring refined elegance to your landscape design with high-quality stonework from a reputable source. No matter how large or small your dream project is, we’ll work closely with you to incorporate the ideal stone borders and accents to transform your property so that you’ll be excited to see it whenever you come home. 

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