The arrival of a new season gives you the perfect opportunity to introduce new changes in your home décor. Whether you’re going for small touchups here and there, or planning on a large renovation project, make sure you’re getting new home décor to achieve your Feng Shui goals this spring.

One of the simplest and budget-friendly ways to spruce up your home is by getting stone walls and veneer. An effortless and sophisticated look can easily be achieved while simultaneously upping your property value. According to Remodeling’s 2020 Cost vs. Value Report, getting stone veneer elements installed in your property adds 95.6% of its cost to the total property value. So why wait? Get started on installing your stone veneer project today.  

Looking for the best stone veneer installation services in Saco? Check out our services today, and this guide on using stone walls and veneers to enhance your home’s appeal.

All Natural

A stone wall can be the focal point of any of your rooms while adding a lot of sophistication. Creating a textured backdrop for your home interior by adding a natural stone wall is one of the most classic looks you can opt for. It can be chosen in many colors and styles. Stone veneers come in a huge variety; they can be made of limestone, sandstone, or granite. You can even add a cozy fireplace to warm up your home, and it will contrast the stone wall perfectly.

Unforgettable First Impression

Your home entrance is the first thing anyone comes across. To create a lasting impression on all of your guests, it is important to have an entryway that makes a statement. Potential homebuyers will never forget the way your entryway looks when viewing your property, and you will have a greater chance at selling your house!

Enhance your entryway with stone veneers. With many textures and colors to choose from, the veneers look just like real stone and are very convenient to work with. Stone veneers can instantly add grace and class to your entryway and are easy on the pockets.

 Stone wall in a modern bathroom

A Luxurious Look For The Bathroom  

When soaking in a relaxing bath, curating the right ambiance is more refreshing for your mind. Rejuvenate yourself by adding a more luxurious feel to your bathrooms by incorporating stone veneer around your sinks and tubs and getting stone walls. Your bathrooms will go through a complete transformation with this simple addition.

Adding A Column

What is more iconic than installing an architectural piece with historical value as well? Columns have been used for ages in homes and buildings dating back to 2600 B.C.E. from ancient Egypt. Having columns made of stone veneer installed into your home will be a prominent feature no one can ignore. A column constructed with stone veneer is much more budget-friendly as well.

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Upgrading Your Kitchen

Having a stone wall or introducing stone veneer accents to your kitchen will instantly make your kitchen look luxurious and chic. Stone veneer isn’t just used to make your kitchen look trendy, but it is also excellent at withstanding the heat generated in a kitchen. Stone veneer, which is resistant to all the elements, is easy to maintain and one of the safest choices when upgrading your kitchen.

Spruce Up Your Bar

You can achieve the feel of complete luxury by adding stone veneer to your bar area. Spruce up your bar by adding a single stone wall or a few panels with stone veneer that will make your bar look lavish and extravagant.

Stone Accent Walls

If you’re looking to add some simple texture to your rooms, consider adding a stone accent wall. A monochromatic and boring-looking room can be dramatically transformed right away into a cozy little space with a stone accent wall.   

Durable and Sustainable

Apart from all of its aesthetic appeal, stone veneer is a smart investment for any home because of its durability. It can withstand all the weather elements, creates a strong structural foundation, and can be used to cover any exposed parts of the foundation of your home.

Your patios and outdoor spaces can be given added appeal with a stone finishing, and this will benefit you in the long term because of all the added value to your property.

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