Before the 17th century, castles and forts in Europe were made by trapping stones between mud. However, the rise of modern architecture in the 1900s—driven by the popularity of steel and concrete—made building from stones seem primitive. Instead, builders began to make stone veneers by adding a thin layer of stones on top of concrete.

Nowadays, stone veneers are mainly used to boost the aesthetic appeal of building exteriors. However, they provide many additional benefits that are often overlooked.

If you’re curious about how stone veneers can benefit your property, here are the essential things you must know.

Maine coastal home with stone veneersThey Offer Affordable Beauty

Landscaping services can be costly, depending on the size of your home. They’re even more expensive when you use stone, as it’s one of the most expensive building materials, and its weight makes it costly to transport. With average household incomes falling by more than $2000 last year, affordability is more important than ever. 

But does that mean it’s impossible to get that stone patio you always wanted? Absolutely not! Fortunately, stone veneers can be made entirely without stone. Masons do this by shaping concrete into blocks resembling stones. If you’re looking for something more genuine, it’s also possible to add natural stones only on the outside of the wall. Either way, stone veneers can boost the aesthetic appeal of your home without burning a hole in your wallet. 

They Improve Your Home’s Durability

Stone veneers improve your home’s durability in numerous ways. For example, fire damage makes them perfect for fireplaces and outdoor firepits. They’re also ideal for fountain fixtures and pool-side installments because of their water-resistance. 

However, their durability depends on the quality of the installation. Poorly installed stone veneers will crack, causing moisture to seep in and erode them. If your stone veneer has a layer of actual stones, these could fall from a height and be potentially life-threatening to passers-by. It’s therefore vital to get professional masonry services to install your stone veneers.


Easier to Maintain

Stone veneers are best maintained by being left alone. However, if you must clean them, don’t use any special products. Indoor stone veneers can be easily sprayed and wiped with a household cleaner, while outdoor ones can be gently hosed down. They also don’t require any painting or chemical touch-ups compared to alternatives like wood.  These traits make them the ideal landscaping materials.

Stone veneers maintain their color even if they get wet. However, you should be wary that some may fade in color if washed with a high-pressure hose. If you ever feel your stone veneer is fading in color, fixing the problem yourself may worsen. This is why it’s important to get in touch with professional masons if you ever feel your stone veneers need maintenance.

They’re Versatile

The versatility of stone veneers makes them suitable for both the interior and exterior of your home. As they’re resistant to fire and water, they’re ideal for everything, from a garden wall to the lining in your outdoor fireplace. They also come in various shapes and sizes to suit every home design. If your home is old and quaint, then a stone veneer siding featuring a thin layer of natural stones will complement its rustic design perfectly. On the other hand, a well-placed stone fire pit in the backyard of a contemporary home will provide an exciting contrast.

Stone veneers can also be installed as a top layer on numerous surfaces, including wood, cement, and brick. This flexibility allows for an easy upgrade in any area of your home. Does your brick fireplace look a bit dated? Simply put a stone veneer on top and it’ll look like new again!

Simpler to Install Than Real Stone

Did you know that professional masons can install up to 2000 square feet of stone veneers in just 10 days? Whether you want to change all the exterior walls of your home or simply add a fireplace, getting a stone veneer will refresh your space in no time. 

However, no matter how fast you want your stone veneers installed, you should never rush your mason. Great things take time—even if it’s only a few days—so be patient for optimal results.


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