You’ve likely heard about stones being used as a decorative element in many homes, but did you know that they can also increase property value and add architectural functionality?

A stone wall is an incredibly functional way to improve the curb appeal of your home. This article will explain a few ways these walls will help enhance the overall style of your home.

Let us break it down:

Beautiful Curbside

Stone walls add significant appeal to your home’s exterior and serve as a beautiful area for family gatherings. Installing a stone wall alongside your patio can make it look more cohesive and attractive. It will also provide you with a beautiful spot for enjoying the outdoors!

Stone Walls Add Value to Your Home

Stones add value to your home in more ways than one! These additions may include monetary and functional value, which will increase curb appeal significantly

While modern homes are trending towards minimalist design, stone walls can still be utilized with an overall minimalist theme.  Or they can complement other styles of home décor, such as French country or Mediterranean design themes.

a stone wall and chairs

Stone Walls Create Privacy

Suppose you like your property to have more privacy so that you can have an outdoor dining experience without worrying about being stared at by passersby or onlookers. In that case, putting up a stone wall is perfect for creating space where you can enjoy yourself! 

The design and size of your wall determine the amount of space it will cover as well as how much privacy it provides.

Stonewalls Provide Great Lighting

For those who enjoy outdoor entertaining, having the option to have space where guests can dine without any of the hustle and bustle found at a restaurant makes for a great atmosphere. A stone wall can be placed in front of your home so that you don’t need to worry about bright lights ruining the chances to dine al fresco!

They Create Extra Space for Gardening

If you’re looking to improve curb appeal and provide extra space for gardening, then installing a stone wall is perfect! 

These decorative elements will allow you to utilize your outdoor space in ways that weren’t originally thought possible, adding value and functionality at the same time. Value addition isn’t only for you and your guests; it’s also for the potential buyers of your home on the market. A home with an attractive front yard is valued at a higher price.

They Provide a Modern Look and Feel to Your Exterior

Stone walls are a beautiful way to bring modern style (or old-school charm) to your home’s exterior! These structures are available in various colors and textures, bringing personality and character to your home while still maintaining an overall cohesive look.

A stone wall adds an element of rustic masculinity missing from today’s consumers’ homes. Furthermore, this type of texture can be applied in various ways, including accent walls, flooring choices, and window treatments.

Type of Stone

It’s essential to use the proper technique when constructing a stone wall because different kinds of stones have different characteristics. 

The type of stone you select for your stone wall will depend on the weather, where it will be placed, how much it can withstand the elements, and whether or not there are any existing structures nearby. 

Some of the materials you can choose from are limestone, flint, granite, and sandstone. Each stone has its characteristics, but you need to make sure, whichever you choose, it must go with the overall theme of your house and your local climate.

Get Professional Landscaping Services

Acquiring knowledge on installing a stone wall properly will be key to making sure the installation does not hinder curb appeal. You’ll need to hire professionals to ensure that your stone wall is correctly installed and stable enough to withstand the test of time.

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