Most people dream of relaxing by a warm fire during the winter nights. Fireplaces can completely transform the aesthetic of a room, and they’re also quite easy to replace.

You can give your home a classy touch by adding things to your fireplace area like changing the paint, adding a clock, or a mantle. There are several options to give your fireplace and living room a whole new look.

Apply Color To The Fireplace 

Everything is better with a splash of unique color palettes, so adding a suitable color to your fireplace wall can do wonders! 

Add A Wall-Mounted Mirror

Placing a mirror over your fireplace is another option that gives your living room a modern touch and creates a sharp focal point.

Stone Facade 

Nothing stands out more than a fireplace with a sandstone facade. The one-of-a-kind style adds a touch of glitz to lowkey but elegant backdrops. This great blend of rustic and contemporary interior décor provides your living space personality without appearing kitsch.

Add Texture With Woodsy Elements

People enjoy how fireside furnishing design provides a warm and unique feel. The fireplace mantels are textured with wood and metal, which beautifully combines natural features.

natural stone fireplace

Painting Your Fireplace Black 

A dark metallic fireside will serve to highlight the room’s architectural characteristics. A mirror or artwork in the same color scheme will beautifully enhance the contrast.

Black painted fireplace

Add An Exclusive Stroke With Neutrals

A fireplace placed alongside neutral-colored walls has a cozy feel to it. Even on hot days, the light colors make the fireplace a welcoming space. We can practically see the flames dancing to fill the room with a blaze of red by focusing on the picture.


A whitewash gives new life to the bricks. Moreover, whitewash is relatively inexpensive and easy to get. However, you should make sure that it doesn’t drown out the colors in your space.

Reinstate The Mantel

A mantle may transform a fireplace into a focal point in your space. Whether you go for a large one with engravings, an artistic one, a plain wood one, or even a gold-plated one, this is a terrific way to draw attention to your fireplace. They frequently include a shelf to display artifacts.

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