Did you know patios add more than 12% to a house’s value? It’s no wonder the patio industry is worth over a billion dollars

With summer just a few months away, it’s time to brainstorm how to make the most of your patio. If you’re looking for new ways to keep yourself entertained this summer season, then this post is just what you need to read! 

Here are five creative ideas to use your patio this summer season. 

1. Picnics

It’s common for people in Maine to drive up to places like Wolfe’s Neck Woods for a picnic. But why bother traveling when you can enjoy a picnic on your patio?

The biggest reason why it’s worth hosting a picnic on your patio is the proximity to your kitchen. No matter what cuisine you decide on, you’ll be serving freshly prepared meals from your kitchen if you host a picnic on your patio. 

The other reason why it’s worth hosting a picnic on your patio is décor. Whether you’re hosting a casual picnic for friends or a romantic dinner for your partner, it’s easy to make your patio match your picnic’s theme using items from your home. For instance, putting a photo of you and your partner in the middle of a picnic blanket will ensure that you have a memorable romantic experience in the comfort of your home!

2. Working from Home

Did you know fresh air boosts productivity by almost 50%? In other words, if you’re bored of sitting indoors every day while you work from home, head out to your patio!

The key to transforming your patio into a productive workspace is staying organized. We recommend popping your laptop, stationery, and a desk pad into a basket to take to the patio each morning. This will make it easy to change your patio into a workspace whenever you need it. It’s also worth moving your internet router closer to the patio to ensure you don’t suffer from connectivity issues.

3. Teaching Your Kids

Are your kids struggling with online schooling? Why not liven things up for them by switching up their study environment! Setting up a small area of the patio for your kids to attend virtual classes goes a long way. We recommend hosting both classes and extra-curricular activities like sports and treasure hunts in your patio and backyard areas to deliver a truly fun experience.

4. Yoga and Meditation

Ready to tap into the benefits of yoga and meditation? It’s time to head to the patio! With birds chirping above and fresh air filling your lungs, you’ll love the peacefulness of practicing yoga on your patio. Just roll out a yoga mat, change into comfortable clothes, and voila! You’ll happily do the downward-facing dog on your patio.

For best results, pop a speaker in the corner of your patio to play gentle music as you meditate. It’s also worth meditating when it’s tranquil and the air is fresh. Unless you’re living in a quiet neighborhood, you’ll struggle to meditate on your patio at other times because of noise from things like lawnmowers.

A woman playing guitar on a porch5. Practicing Music

There’s something truly magical about playing an acoustic guitar outdoors. Whether you’re playing a special song for your partner or jamming with your friends, there’s no better place to do it than on the patio!

We recommend grabbing a couple of glasses of wine and your guitar before heading to the patio at dusk for the best experience. You’re guaranteed to love the feeling of strumming your favorite tunes as the sun sets on a gorgeous day in Maine.

Patios are among the most multifunctional spaces in a home. Therefore, it’s vital to hire professional masonry services to upgrade or install them. At Stone Solutions Maine, we have over 35 years of experience creating gorgeous stone patios to suit every type of home. We also install an array of additional stone fixtures like custom outdoor fire pits, outdoor fireplaces, and custom paver driveways. The quality of our work has earned us consistent positive reviews and we work with the best local partners on the market.

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