There’s no denying that the main purpose of a walkway is to help you get from point A to point B. As such, walkways are usually designed as just that – a clear path allowing people to move in and around their properties with ease. But who said that walkways must be strictly business? Whether it leads to your front door or out to your firepit, your walkway can be an aesthetic feature of your landscape. 

As stone walkway installation experts, we can attest to the fact that there are countless ways to spruce up your walkway. The key is to choose the right walkway material. Below, we have listed some of the best materials for walkway installation you need to know. 


Bricks are one of the oldest materials for walkway installation that are still very popular today. They come in an array of earthy tones and go well with virtually all homes regardless of their exterior design. Depending on the type of bricks you choose, your walkway can ooze old-world charm, look completely contemporary, or anything in between. If you want to achieve an aged look, go for reclaimed bricks. On the contrary, white sand bricks with clean gray lines are an excellent choice for an urbanized look. 


Flagstone is one of the best materials to use in Maine because it is quite durable and withstands extreme temperature changes.  Its natural beauty can lend your home a more upscale look.

Flagstone slabs usually come in unique shapes and sizes, which further boosts the aesthetics of your walkway. However, you can also find flagstone in generic cuts like rectangular or square slabs. For stones retaining their natural shape, installation can be a bit time-consuming. However, a skilled tradesperson for stone walkway installation can get the job done fairly quickly. 

Note that natural flagstone can be a relatively expensive choice for long walkways. But the extra expenditure is always well worth it. 


Bluestone is a type of sedimentary rock, just like flagstone.  It usually has a fine-grained and moderately textured surface due to the natural deposition of particles in rivers, lakes, and oceans. Bluestone stands out among other walkway materials because of its timeless appearance and exquisite tones. It’s interesting to note, though, that bluestone is not always blue. You can find bluestone in a variety of colors, including gray and pastel hues. 

Stepping Stone

If you are looking for a somewhat low-profile material for walkway installation, consider stepping stones. Stepping stones use either concrete pavers or flagstones. They are relatively easier to install than other types of walkways. Stepping stones work best for garden walkways as you can set them in the grass, mulch, and even dry creek beds. 

Our professionals for walkway installation pay special attention to space these large stepping stones at a distance that ensures a smooth stride for users. 

Walkway Installation in Maine 

With quality walkway materials, you can design your walkway to fit your personal aesthetics without affecting its functionality the least bit. For professional help in creating a stylish yet functional walkway, get in touch with Stone Solutions Maine. We specialize in stone walkway installation in Saco and the greater Portland area.