If you think landscaping is easy, think again. 

There are all kinds of silly landscaping mistakes that even seasoned professionals make at times. Therefore, when starting out, it’s best to understand what not to do first. 

Here are some common mistakes made while landscaping that you can easily avoid:

Not Hiring A Professional:

If you have a big yard and even bigger dreams, the landscaping process can be challenging to carry out without a professional to guide you. 

A seasoned landscape designer or architect can save you from wasting money and time and will provide a customized plan for the layout. 

Planning for each feature also prevents you from over-buying or under-buying or choosing the wrong mix of landscaping elements.  

Not Creating A Budget:

Without a set budget, it’s easy for you to get carried away when spending on your lawn. 

Since landscaping already costs 30% more than other renovation projects, you should allocate expenses wisely. 

Not Thinking About Erosion-Prone Areas:

If your home has a steep slope in the yard, you could risk losing topsoil and face erosion issues during rains. 

This problem needs to be addressed before you begin planting. You can build a retaining wall that prevents erosion from affecting your landscaping features.

Not Thinking About The Front Yard:

You may be thinking of ways to renovate the backyard, but the front yard is what people will notice first. 

Make sure you create a landscape plan for the front of your house, too, as this will enhance your home’s curb appeal.

Not Planning Placements:

Arranging elements symmetrically can create a balance in your landscaping, but this may not work as well with plants. 

When you place trees and shrubs symmetrically, you’re only doubling the amount of effort that will go into maintaining them. 

Moreover, these plants will have to be pruned carefully and regularly to ensure the pairs match. 

Having Too Many Knick-Knacks:

While having ornaments can make your lawn look more stylish, having too many of them can be overwhelming. 

Once you reach a point where your yard decorations start distracting from the landscaping, you know it’s time to stop and reevaluate. If you need to use ornaments, use the rule “less is more.” 

Using too many low-quality pieces can make your whole outdoor space look cheap and tacky, which you definitely don’t want. 

When landscaping, it’s essential to do so with caution. Hire expert landscaping services in Falmouth, ME, from Stone Solutions Maine. We can help you make the right decisions for a yard that is uniquely your own. Get in touch with us to learn more.