Stones are the most historically important building materials. They’ve been used to construct everything from ancient forts to medieval castles—but that doesn’t mean they don’t belong in modern homes! There are numerous stone installments to add to your home. 

If you’re curious to know what they are, here 5 types of stonework for your home.

1. Patios

One of the best types of stonework to add to your home is on your patio. Stone patios combine both modern and historical design accents. They’re a fantastic addition to any home because of their versatile design. For instance, a stone patio featuring a veneer of actual stones will suit the rustic aesthetic of a traditional home. On the other hand, stone patios featuring manufactured stone veneers will fit the aesthetic of a modern home. 

If you’re looking to make the most of a stone patio, we recommend asking masonry services to assess your home’s design and create a patio that complements its aesthetic. It’s also worth buying outdoor furniture that matches the color of the stones you opt for.

2. Outdoor Fireplaces

If you’ve always dreamed of sitting by a warm fire on your patio, it’s time to invest in an outdoor fireplace! Outdoor fireplaces are commonly built with stones because they’re fire-resistant and aesthetically pleasing.

Outdoor fireplaces offer an array of benefits to homeowners. For example, they’re great for hosting picnics in the months leading up to fall. They’re also fantastic for making lasting memories as a family. Just imagine how amazing it’ll be to roast marshmallows over a stone fireplace with your kids!


A stone wall3. Fire Pits

If you’re looking to go a step beyond outdoor fireplaces, why not install a custom outdoor fire pit? Fire pits are essentially private bonfires for your home. They’re made by arranging stones to form a cylindrical firebox before seats are added around it in a circle.

If you’re getting a fire pit, we recommend asking the masonry service to match the stones in the fire pit and pavilion with other stonework in your backyard. This will create a cohesive design that maximizes your backyard’s aesthetic appeal. We’re imagining a beautiful stone path in your back garden that matches the stones in your fire pit. It will look stunning!

4. Driveways

Did you know driveways are among the best places to use stone in your home? If you’re going for a rustic look, it’s best to use actual stones in a veneer for your driveway. However, if your home is modern then we recommend investing in a custom paver driveway. Paver is made by carving concrete into shapes resembling stones.

Stone driveways offer the highest traction of any material. They’re also the most versatile type of driveway as masons will carve pavers into whatever shape homeowners want.

5. Front Steps

Stone front steps are a great way of maximizing your home’s curb appeal. Just imagine how magical your front entrance will look with a set of stone steps that match a stone façade around your doorway! 

While it’s tempting to rush into installing stone steps, we recommend holding off until you ask a masonry service provider to assess whether they’ll suit your home’s aesthetic or not. Fortunately, the design versatility of paver stones means there’s a strong chance you’ll find something that suits your home.

6. Walls

It’s tempting to think stone walls are only for old buildings like castles. However, nothing’s further than the truth! 

Stone walls provide a touch of luxury even to the most modern homes. If your home is traditionally designed, getting a stone veneer installation with actual stones embedded into the concrete will suit your home’s exterior. On the other hand, if you own a contemporary home then we recommend asking the masonry service provider to install a custom-built paver façade that matches your entranceway steps.

But what about your interior walls? Fortunately, stone walls will look equally magnificent inside your home! They’ll add an immediate touch of elegance while improving your interior design. Imagine for a second you have a gorgeous black paver stone fireplace and black leather sofas. If you pop in a white paver wall behind the fireplace, the black-on-white contrast will look mesmerizing!

No matter what type of stonework you’re looking to install, our team at Stone Solutions Maine will deliver outstanding results. We’re proud of the numerous projects we’ve completed in the past and pride ourselves on always developing a clear vision before we commence work for any client. From outdoor fireplaces and custom outdoor fire pits to custom paver driveways and patios, we do it all.

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