Fireplaces are indeed a luxury when it comes to owning a house in Maine. The goal of installing a fireplace in a household is to provide warmth, illumination, and architectural aesthete. If you’re thinking about getting a fireplace, the wide range of fireplaces can definitely confuse some. Here’s a guide to selecting the right fireplace for your home:

Reflect On Your Home Style

A fireplace can be classified into two design types: contemporary and traditional. The style of your fireplace should complement the style and layout of your home. When a living area layout has a vintage vibe, only a traditional fireplace can complete the look. In contrast, if you have a modern home, you can choose an electric fireplace with a neat and sleek structure. 

When a combination of features and contemporary aesthetics is desired for hybrid house design,  vintage fireplaces are the best option. 



Mantels add ambiance to your fireplace area. Homeowners interested in adding aesthetics and ornamental factors to their living space should consider getting a mantel. They can decorate the mantel with lovely decor items like pots, bouquets, wall hangings, and other such objects.

Focus On Your Room Blueprint

A homeowner should choose a fireplace that complements their house’s appearance and also serves a functional purpose in the room. A gas fireplace is a fantastic choice for a small living space. As for a room dividing wall, a modern fireplace will be a better choice.


Reflect On Family Necessities

If you have children in the house, you must exercise extreme caution while choosing a fireplace. The first choice to avoid is an exposed fireplace. You must seek out creative fireplace designs with glass-front cabinets that won’t feel dangerously hot. 

Selecting The Correct Style Of Fireplace

Homeowners have three styles of the fireplace to choose from;

Gas Fireplace

This is the most often used fireplace, and it can be built in any room you want. It’s powered by natural gas. As a result, residents choose a gas fireplace since they can easily purchase fuel. Another explanation why this type is preferred over others is because it is less expensive to set up.

Wood-Burning Fireplace

 Homeowners who want a camping fire aesthetic might go for this option; however, these fireplaces aren’t thermally efficient. A wood-burning fireplace can only be installed in the main hall. Its placement will charge you a significant sum, and the structure will need to be adjusted for installation and maintenance. 

Electric Fireplace

It is an economical and environmentally friendly fireplace. It’s typically not necessary to hire a professional to install it. An electrically powered fireplace can be stored in any room without generating any health hazards, and they’re children-friendly as well.


Now that you have selected the style of your fireplace, it’s time to install it before Christmas. If you’re looking for indoor or outdoor fireplace installation for your home, Stone Solutions Maine is the best fireplace service provider in Maine; we offer walkway design, outdoor fire pit, patio, custom paver driveways, among other additions. Visit our website for more information, and our experts will help you with your requirements.