Stonework is an ancient craft that has been used to create everything from homes to temples. Over the centuries, stonework has been refined, and there are now many different styles of stonework.

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If you’re like most people, you probably don’t give much thought to the stonework on your house. But did you know that the type of stonework you have can say a lot about you as a person? In this blog post, we’ll look at the different types of stonework and what they say about the people who have them.

Random Rubble

Random rubble is the most basic type of stonework. It’s simply stacked stone with no mortar holding it together. This type of stonework is often seen in old homes and buildings that have been around for a long time. It’s also common in rural areas where the stone is plentiful. People who choose random rubble stonework are usually down-to-earth and traditional. They value function over form and are generally not interested in taking risks.

stone backyard patioAshlar

Ashlar is a type of masonry service stonework that uses rectangular stones that are cut to fit together perfectly. Ashlar stonework is known for its precision and clean lines. Precision comes from the way stones are produced. Each stone is cut to an exact size and shape using a template. This process is time-consuming but results in a smooth, tight joint. Clean lines come from the fact that there are no joints between the stones.

This type of stonework is often seen in classical or traditional buildings. People who go for ashlar stonework are well-educated and have a taste for the finer things in life. They’re good at planning and executing projects. The personality of individuals who prefer ashlar stonework can be seen as meticulous, perfectionistic, and orderly.


Rustic stonework is a form of stonework that uses stone that is rough and irregular in shape. This type of stonework is often seen in country homes or gardens. It’s more natural-looking than ashlar stonework and has a lot of character. Rustic stonework is less precise, and there are usually joints between the stones.

This type of stonework is suited for people who are down-to-earth and appreciate the simple things in life. They’re creative and have a good sense of design. People adding rustic stonework to their homes are likely to be friendly and outgoing.

Square Rubble

Square rubble is stonework that uses square stones that fit together tightly. This stonework can be found in both old and new homes. It’s more precise than rustic stonework but still has a lot of character. This stonework is suited for people who appreciate the old and the new. They’re likely to be creative and modern but still down-to-earth.

While it’s not for everyone, those who appreciate square rubble will find it a great way to make your home unique and eye-catching.


This type uses dry stones (meaning they don’t need mortar). Drystone stonework has been used for centuries and is still a popular choice for many people today. One of the main benefits of drystone stonework is that it is relatively easy to do. The stones are fitted together without any mortar, making the finished product very strong. Drystone walls are often used to create barriers or partitions, and they can be found worldwide.

People who choose to add drystone stonework to their homes are usually creative and independent individuals. They have a strong sense of style and a desire to stand out from the crowd. They are also usually very practical and confident, preferring function over form.


Arches are used in bridges, doorways, and windows. They are structural elements that support the weight of a structure above them. They can support a lot of weight without collapsing. Arches are also relatively easy to build and can be customized to fit any space.

People who opt for arches have a personality of appreciation for the history and things that have stood the test of time. Arches are strong, reliable, and create a sense of grandeur.


With decorative features such as moldings, cornices often cover the tops of doors and windows. They can also be used to add interest to a boring wall. People who opt for cornices tend to be classic and timeless in their taste. They appreciate the finer things in life and like to surround themselves with beauty. Cornices add a touch of luxury and sophistication to a space.


Gables are the triangular section of a wall between the edge of a roof and the top of a window. They can be decorative or functional, or both. They are also often traditional in their taste. Gables are particularly common in the cottage style of architecture. In the American South, there are many examples of gabled roofs on shotgun-style houses.

Roofs with multiple levels of gables are called multi-gabled roofs. They can give a house an elegant and stately appearance and often have a more formal look than a single-gable roof. Multi-gabled roofs can be found in all types of architecture, from Tudor to Victorians to contemporary designs. Individuals who add gables to their homes do so for both practical and aesthetic reasons.

Your stonework is a reflection of your taste and style. It can be classic and elegant or modern and unique. It can be a statement piece or blend in with the rest of your landscaping. No matter what your stonework says about you, we can help you create the perfect landscape design. Contact us today for all your landscaping needs, from garden landscaping to patio installation.