Considering dropping top dollar on stone veneers but not convinced if it’s worth it? Apart from their obvious aesthetic boost, they offer other attractive features that provide quality of life improvements of your home that you wouldn’t want to miss out on. Here are some of them:

Add Protection to Foundation

While it isn’t a complete replacement for the foundation your home rests upon, stone veneers act as a solid supplement to your home’s foundation. Stone veneers are quite strong and create a firm, compact coating over the exposed foundation to keep it from tipping and breaking.

The veneer is composed of several layers itself, with different materials used to keep the mortar and stone in place, so there’s a lot of resistance provided.

Covering Up Physical Damage

There’s a chance that you may end up with some damage to the walls of your home’s exterior or the walkway. A simple but elegant solution is to cover it up with stone veneers, putting up stones to block the unsightly spot. They look excellent and change the entire aesthetic of the place they cover-up. They add new layers of protection while bringing a new contrast, so they’re a win-win in each regard. 

Added Insulation

Similar to how stone veneers cover up the foundation to add protection, it also stops cold winds from permeating through the walls of your home. The extra layers of stone, mortar, and material used to set them up on the walls can block the air, helping keep the temperature of your home under control in the winter season. This feature is especially helpful for homes that get really cold in the winter.

Low Maintenance Upgrade

If you’ve been looking for an exterior décor solution that didn’t require all your time and attention, stone veneer installations are just what you need. They’re natural, resilient, and can stand the forces of nature, requiring very little clean-up and looking after.

If you’re looking for stone veneer installation for your home, look no further than Stone Solutions Maine. Our stonework and craftsmanship have been highly requested over the last 30 years, and we take great pride in sculpting structures with stones with rustic designs. We also provide walkway design, outdoor firepit, patio, and custom paver driveways, among other additions that we can customize on request.