One of the most attractive features of a cozy home is the stone veneers you see on the walls. These veneers are cost-effective and long lasting. In addition, stone veneers are captivating when appropriately used; the different patterns and sizes enhance the home’s exterior and interior.  

Most stone veneer installations are done after a lot of chiseling and carving. The shapes are then created to fit perfectly with the home’s aesthetic. Some veneers are thin and light, whereas others are heavy and thick to create a specific look. 

Finally, the stones are installed quickly with the help of mortar paste. Here are some stone veneer types that you can get for your home.

Sawn Veneer (Thin Stone Veneers):

Sawn or thin stone veneer are beautifully modified stones. First, the natural stones are taken and carved into smaller pieces. The focus is on sawing the thickness down, making it easier to stack on top of each other. Next, the veneers are plastered to the designated wall with adhesive mortar paste. The process is identical to tiling a floor or wall. 

The stone is carefully shaped to a form and size that’s easier to handle and attached to a wall. Natural stone is usually lightweight and can be used for various purposes.

Used for:

Thin stone veneer is widely famous for its availability, feasibility, and low labor cost. In addition, since the stone can be chiseled into various shapes, it can be styled in different ways for its exterior.

Fieldstone or Round Veneers:

Round or fieldstone veneers are medium-sized, roundish, smooth, fieldstones. These mimic natural stones found by river banks. The only difference is that modified fieldstones are more prominent and chiseled according to the order’s requirement. 

Used for:

Even though natural stones are artificial shaped, the face of the stone is kept round to keep the essence of a unique English fieldstone. These stone veneers are great for outdoor fireplaces in charming cottages and lakehouses.



Mosaic stone veneers have more of a rough stone surface. First, the stone is divided into two pieces to make the new and altered surface flatter than the natural one. Then, the rocks are sliced and carved to the desired thickness. 

The veneers can be attached to any wall with the help of mortar paste. The depth of the stones is less and the mortar joints are closer/tighter than usual. This makes them look more sophisticated. 

Used for:

Mosaic stone veneers work best for exterior design because of how strong of a statement they make. As a result, the structural panels give a rustic look. In addition, the different colors add a unique and original touch to any home.

A mosaic veneer wall.Ledgestone:

Ledgestone veneers are a lot thinner and longer than other stone veneers. Ledgestone is designed to adjust the stones on top of each other. In addition, the stone is easier to fit because of its shape. Ledgestone is easier to fit tightly with no mortar showing in the joints.

Used for: 

These thin veneers are used to enhance the wall of a building, fireplace, kitchen, and firepit. We recommend using these when you want to create a rustic look in an otherwise modern interior or exterior. It’ll blend in seamlessly!

Black Marble Veneers:

If you love the effect of stone veneer but want to class it up with marble, black marble veneers are ideal for you. The distinctive black marble is sleek, modern, and makes your home look classy.

Used for:

This is ideal for walk-in showers and indoor pond walls because of its waterproof qualities. That’s not to mention how edgy it’ll look in these areas because of its cool, smooth texture.  

Square and Rectangular Veneers:

Square and rectangular stone veneers are selected and carved by hand. They’re designed to add a quirky, asymmetrical look to an interior or exterior. However, these can be more expensive because of the human labor involved. 

Used for: 

Square and rectangular stone veneers are best for beautiful custom paver driveways, chimney masonry, outdoor firepits, and other hardscape areas.

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