One of the oldest building materials in use today, natural stone is prized for its sturdiness and longevity and is frequently used in hardscaping in Maine. It was used in the past because it was plentiful, reliable, durable, and a natural substance. If you find yourself searching for old architecture, you’ll find stone structures that are extremely resilient and designed to last. Take the famous Stonehenge as an example; a structure that has stood the test of time for centuries or the monumental 900 stone statues called Moai on Easter Island.

Why Do Architects Use Natural Stone?

Stone holds more positive properties than one might think, which is why architects continue designing structures that use natural stone hardscaping. With its sturdy, functional good looks, the stonework is a lovely, natural building material that improves many garden hardscapes and landscapes. The structures used in landscaping composed of non-living materials are hardscaping. Every landscape design is composed of softscaping elements, which include any plants such as flowers or trees, and hardscaping elements, which include walkways, gravel roads, fountains, stone patios, and structural accents. Although inanimate, hardscaping frequently serves as the framework for soft scaping, which develops and changes over time. Stone’s durability and utility in the terrain cannot be matched when it is installed by experts.

Natural Stone Hardscaping Is A Wise Investment

Spring and summer are the greatest times of year to improve your outdoor living space, and adding hardscaping made of natural stone is one of the greatest ways to do this. Hardscaping increases your house’s cosmetic and practical value and boosts your sense of homeownership. Any property’s look from outside can become more unified, organized, and dynamic with the help of hardscaping. Natural stone has helped historic structures endure the test of time. Look no further if you’re seeking a robust and long-lasting material. Natural stone withstands foot traffic as well as normal wear and tear remarkably well. Even better, it can withstand heavy rain and snow with minor damage. If you’re planning to add a retaining wall to your property, stone will be the best material to aid with water runoff.

Overall, natural stone lasts for a very long time. You can anticipate stone keeping up its lovely appearance for years to come. You can plan on saving money in the long run since natural stone pavers are easy to replace. As opposed to replacing an entire slab, individual pavers can be restored.

Benefits Of Using Natural Stone

Nothing enhances the beauty of your home like genuine stone. With the large variety and options available, a simple entranceway can be transformed into a remarkable route for guests on your property. By selecting stone as your material, you can create anything from an extended stone patio to a small fire pit using stone veneers. There are some distinct advantages of using stone for hardscaping on your land. 

Adds Natural Beauty & Curb Appeal

Individual pieces of stone are distinctive and exquisite with their variety of tones, hues, and textures. Details of manufactured faux stone products are typically identical and lack unique characteristics. Natural stone will maintain its appearance over time and become more attractive as it ages, and the hue won’t drastically change. 

Natural Stone Is Durable & Versatile 

Natural stone has been around for ages in various shapes and boasts timeless beauty. Some types of stone, like granite and limestone, can withstand heat, dampness, and heavy foot activity. It’s not susceptible to delamination, cracking, crumbling, or frost heave, making it a superb and long-lasting paving solution. If construction criteria for thickness and the appropriate substrate are followed, stone can be an excellent option for pools, patios, and driveways.

Natural Stone Adds Property Value

Real stone will provide you with a lot higher return on investment than a manufactured product, and it does not always cost more when considering the reduced need for care. Repairing, resealing, and recoloring are expensive and labor-intensive services. When using natural stone, this care won’t be necessary. The initial investment in natural stone hardscaping will be repaid in value over time, and never falls out of style because of its timeless appearance and durability.

Natural Stone Is Sustainable & Environmentally Friendly

Compared to other building materials, stone uses less energy, creates less pollution, and has a lower overall carbon footprint. It can be crushed and reused in other projects or recycled and used in aggregates. Natural stone does not need to be manufactured; it needs to be removed, shaped, packaged, and shipped.

Natural Stone Is Easy to maintain

Not everyone has the time to maintain their landscaping regularly. You won’t have to worry about maintaining your outside area regularly if you use natural stone. It only requires the occasional garden hose wash to keep its attractiveness. Regular sealing, staining, or painting are not necessary. This material’s natural patina, which enhances its aesthetic appeal as it ages, is another distinctive feature. To prevent stains on your natural stone from becoming permanent, clean them up immediately when they appear. 

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