There are many benefits of being close to nature. A walk in the woods can help you feel relaxed and rejuvenated. A hike up a mountain can make your stress nose dive and help you unwind. And a swim in the ocean can help relieve anxiety and completely uplift your mood. Research and multiple studies have proved time and again how nature impacts our mind, wellness, and our body. 

Being in nature, or even seeing natural sights, decreases anger, fear, and tension while increasing pleasant sentiments. Nature not only helps you feel better emotionally, but it also improves your physical health by lowering blood pressure, heart rate, muscular tension, and the generation of stress chemicals. But of course, not everyone has access to a mountain or a river by their house. 

But what most people do have is a small window to access nature any time they want. Most people have a garden- a sanctuary they can access any time they want. 

Here is how you can convert our backyard into a sanctuary and be close to nature. 

Patio entranceSo Many Choices

It’s hard to have it all in a backyard – with all the possibilities out there. Do you want a backyard that focuses on greenery and vibrant flowers, or do you want something more practical, like a firepit with some comfy seats in front of it, or perhaps a water fountain that will make this entire space stand out?

First, decide what does a sanctuary or peaceful place mean to you? Is it birds chirping in the bird bath or friends laughing around a firepit? Or you and your partner in a hammock under the shade of the giant oak tree? 

Your backyard garden may be created and decorated in a variety of lovely ways, and after you’ve decided on its function or aesthetic, you can begin perusing all of these fascinating ideas.

Make A Beautiful Entrance

Take the first step and make it welcoming. The entrance and the steps are the first look as you enter your sanctuary. 

Steps are an essential component of any residential landscape because they allow you to enter your garden. This will also be the connection point of your patio and the rest of the yard. A connected walkway or a beautiful pattern of stone steps adds a touch of wonderland and art.

Add some levels with steps and raise walkways to add even more depth.


Seating Area With A Fire Pit

Make a peaceful haven in the yard where you can take in all the beauty. A pair of outdoor chairs and a coffee table can be the essential elements in a successful dish. 

Add a little fire pit and possibly a huge umbrella or a pergola with a canopy, and this entire concept transforms into something pretty spectacular.

We at Stone Solutions Maine offer a wide range of durable materials that are also aesthetically appealing. These not only add to the appeal but will also enhance the value of your home. Our materials include gravel, concrete, flagstone, and marble. However, we also recommend fieldstone as well as Pavers & more!

Don’t Like Weeding, Go For Stonework

We understand a garden needs care and many homeowners shy away from the garden because it demands attention. The grass needs to be cut, plants need to be watered, and weeding needs to be done.

But that doesn’t mean you cannot have a sanctuary. This is why we recommend stonework projects that use the stone installation for garden landscaping, or stone veneer installation which can transform your garden while requiring little to no upkeep. 

Utilize your outdoor space and enjoy your plants, add a birdfeeder and be in touch with nature without worrying about weeding and slugs. 

Accessorize with a bird bath and a fountain, and you have the perfect garden sanctuary for you to enjoy and de-stress after a day of hard work. 


Landscape Services For Your Sanctuary 

Choose Stone Solutions Maine for landscape services in Saco, and let our landscape design for you. We are one of the most reliable and trusted landscape design and stone companies in York County, Maine. We only use high-quality materials, and with the owner’s extensive knowledge and attention to detail, we create masterpieces with a personal touch. 

We can help you design your garden sanctuary so contact us today. We also offer gardening landscaping, driveway installation, and patio installation services. Visit our website to learn more about the landscaping services we offer.