Summer sunset, fresh air, and the distant chirping of birds- summer in Maine is finally here! What more can we need? In Maine, summer is beautiful, providing the perfect time for outdoor game-nights, parties, and family gatherings.


During COVID times, many of us have limited outdoor options due to the lack of public spaces and restaurants. However, you’ll notice that there has been a rise in home weddings, events, and family gatherings. People have started to tidy up their backyard to host their close friends and family. Following the SOPs (standard operating procedures) is a must, don’t forget!


Here are a few tips to help you transform your backyard into something magical:

Choose Your Spot

It is essential to designate one area of your backyard to entertainment so that you can play around with specific space.


Make sure to clean the area properly, getting rid of dust and weeds or other unwanted things that might not add to your space. You do not want any hazardous materials such as sticks and rocks lying around and posing a risk to your guests.


It is easy to forget about parking- whenever you arrange an event in your house or backyard, make sure to think about parking space. You do not want your guests to drive around for longer than 5-minutes in search of a spot. Neither do you want to disturb your neighbors by having your guests park on their property.


Make Lighting Great

There’s nothing worse than a beautiful party…in the dark. If you plan on having an outdoor gathering after sunset, make sure that there is ample lighting.


Lighting is important not just for visibility purposes, but also to enhance your outdoor area’s ambiance. String lights, fairy lights, lighting fixtures, standing lights…you have a ton of options to make your evening magical.


Do not forget to light up your parking areas. You don’t want your guests to have a hard time finding their way in and out of your house.


Provide Shade

For the perfect seating for gatherings, make sure that your guests are sitting under a shelter or shade. Who likes bird poop falling on their shoulders in the middle of a great party?


Big trees, umbrellas, tents, canopies, pop-ups…your options are endless. A shelter will ultimately secure the area, giving shade from the sun during the daytime, and shielding guests from bats and birds at night.


Having a Plan B in case of rain is also not a bad idea. Instead of shifting the party indoors each time a few droplets fall from the sky, build your backyard area under a shelter. That way, your guests can take in the beautiful transformation of nature as the rain wets surrounding plants and trees.

Keep All Necessary Equipment Handy

To create the best memories, you’ll want your guests to have a good time. They should be able to enjoy themselves instead of looking at each other and getting bored.


Necessary equipment includes grills, coolers, bar carts, music, speakers, sports equipment, and other necessities. Your guests should have an array of options to choose from, instead of wondering why they decided to show up to your party.


You’ll also want to ensure that all serving equipment such as dishes, plates, cutlery, and napkins are kept close to the guests. This will save you some embarrassing trips in and out of the house.


Arrange Plenty of Seating

You could decide to have a pool party, dance party, or even a game night. Whatever you do, make sure to have an ample seating arrangement.


Tables, chairs, and cushions are a must. You do not want your guests searching for clean spots to sit and eat their food. Stone built-in seating is ideal to withstand the outdoor temperatures.


If you want to have a gathering with all your friends sitting in a circle on the floor, having cushions, small pillows, and a rug or mat spread out will not only look aesthetic, but also super comfortable.


Hardscaping and Landscaping

Remember, the ambiance is everything. Making your outdoor seating arrangement as attractive as possible will liven up your party.


Whether it is adding some features to the walls or pavements or pathways or patios, make sure to spice things up by adding a painting here and there with special lighting or features that your guests are drawn to.


Remember, you may provide the best food and entertainment to your guests, but if your surrounding does not look attractive, you will not be able to host the perfect evening.


Transforming Small Spaces

Really want to host an outdoor gathering but don’t have the yard space? No problem! All you need is a little bit of creativity and confidence.


Despite what you might hear, having a small space actually gives you a chance to think out-of-the-box. Make a cozy seating arrangement on the side of your yard that seems useless. Add a couple of plants, fairy lights, minimal seating, a splash of color here and there, and you’re done!


As the owner of a small yard, you may love plants but struggle with placement. Why let this stop you? Plant vertically instead! Plants don’t just have to be in pots on the floor. Adding texture to your backyard by planting vertically will add a splash of color to the walls, and fill it up with fresh, grassy scent. You’ll find that the walls of your yard might also look taller. It’s all about perception.

Make Use of Existing Walls

Who said you need to have a separate, free wall to transform your yard space? No, sir, you can do without it!


All you need is a knack for design and an eye for creativity. You can back your sofas up into an existing wall, creating an illusion of a small room. This way, your guests might also think that you put a lot of thought while making a yard when the truth is that you’re just really good at improvising.


Save space, and start cozying things up. Don’t forget, design is key!


Want to Transform your Backyard?

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