Patios are ideal for summer gatherings. Nothing beats barbecuing, soaking up the sun, and relaxing with friends and family! The fun doesn’t necessarily need to end when the leaves begin to change colors. We genuinely believe that we can transform your patio into a four-season patio!

As we welcome winter weather and vivid foliage season, many households might well be lured to store and put away their patio furniture for the season. We say, “Not so fast.”

Increase the lifespan of your porch or patio by transforming your absolute favorite hangout into a cozy retreat ideal for spending autumn nights outside.

We have a few ideas that can help you transform your patio into a four-season outdoor space!

1. Keep Your Patio Heated With A Fire Pit

The burning summer sun may be on its way out for the season, but the heat can still stay. If we think about fall, we recall the smell of roasting marshmallows above an open fire on the patio. Change your summer mindset, step into your fall clothing collection, and head outside for some scary stories and s’mores with this patio heating tip.

Add a Heat Source

By adding a heat source, you can easily extend your patio season. Incorporating a firepit is an excellent central focus for gathering and drinking hot chocolate or a pumpkin spice-inspired beverage, in addition to warming your friends or chilly guests. Plus, a fire pit can be used in any season – making it a perfect addition to turn your existing patio into a 4 season patio!

Stone Solutions Maine can install both brick or stone fireplaces and fire pits. Fire pits can be spherical or squared off, and both are customized to meet your needs.

2. Brighten The Space With Lighting

The days become shorter as the seasons change, and the weather becomes more erratic. Adding lighting systems to your outdoor space, whether within the brick end caps, tail lights, or strung across your space, is a great way to make your patio more welcoming.

Outdoor string lights add a magical experience to a porch or patio. Roll a few long strings of white lights around trees, shrubs, or railings to create a soft glow around the boundary.  

Simply hang them down over your runner and decorate them for mood lighting during twilight dinners.

To add a fall feel to your outdoor table, use pillar candles in seasonal colors—orange, red, and ivory- in clear glass holders highlighting the colors of changing leaves. 

Are you interested in finding more ways to lighten up your patio? 

Consider beautifully carved pumpkins. While the traditional smiley jack-o’-lantern continues to work well in October, numerous different designs can add a unique atmosphere to the porch long after Halloween has gone. Carve acorns, fallen leaves, or abstract patterns into pumpkins and put a candle lantern inside to reveal your talent. The fun doesn’t end with the carving! Instead of throwing the seeds, bake them on a baking tray with salt, pepper, or cinnamon for a tasty treat.

3. Incorporate Durable Outdoor Furniture

Winter may be the most brutal season of the year. Still, the unpredictable weather and continuously varying temperatures in the autumn and spring will also take a toll on patio furniture, especially non-waterproof furniture.

To get the most out of your outdoor space, incorporate weather-resistant furniture as a long-lasting or semi-permanent feature to help secure it from wind, rain, and snow. Stone Solutions Maine can construct permanent seating areas on your patio or around your fire pit. 

Invest a little more money to get high-quality patio furniture that includes all of the components you look for in indoor furniture, such as comfort, overall appearance, and longevity. Of course, the latter feature is more meaningful with outdoor space furniture.

Prioritize buying outdoor furniture made of weather-resistant material properties to decrease the risk of rusting, mold growth, fading, and warping. Here are some of the most reliable outdoor furniture materials:

  • steel and aluminum with powder coating
  • weather-resistant finish wrought iron 
  • hardwoods such as teak, white oak, and eucalyptus

Keep your patio furniture in a covered space to prevent it from damage and cover it up whenever possible to prolong its lifespan.

4. Add Greenery To Your Patio

Add greenery to your patio to provide privacy and shade as well as additional greenery and oxygen year round. Incorporate plants that stay green all year long, like evergreens, to make sure your yard has some color as the landscape starts to get brown.

Trees such as Japanese Maple trees are a great option for a four season patio as they provide a beautiful color display in fall and winter. It is always worth investing in a space that you can use throughout the year.

Do you want to enjoy your outdoor space this fall and winter? Stone Solutions Maine will help you create the 4 season patio of your dreams. Contact us today for a free consultation.