Stonework adds curb appeal and elevates the look of any home, however it can be very expensive. If natural stone is out of your budget, opting for stone veneer siding is an excellent way to achieve similar results. Also known as manufactured stone, you can find a wide variety of stone veneer panels on the market. They vary in look and feel, price, longevity, and benefits, meaning some stone veneers will be better than others for your needs. 

First-time stone veneer shoppers sometimes find it difficult to sort through the choices to come away with a winner. Before starting an exterior stone veneer project, it’s crucial to have a plan beforehand. 

Stone veneer paired with bricks  Exterior Stone Veneer Installation: The Importance of Planning Beforehand 

Style, placement, and budget are all important factors to consider when choosing your stone veneers. With so many design options, this process can be overwhelming. You definitely don’t want to attempt this project yourself. Seek the expertise of qualified professionals at Stone Solutions Maine before you start your next project. To help you get started,  we’ve offered up some tips that will help you make the right choice for your home’s exterior stone veneer siding

Pick Stones that Match Your Home’s Style

Be sure to pick stone veneers that match the style of your home. Whether you’re updating an existing home or constructing a new one, consider the look you’re trying to achieve in order to avoid design clashes. Are you planning for more of a traditional style or do you want to achieve a modern look? Do you want to add a lot of stone veneer or just a little bit? It’s important to discuss design before you begin the project. 

Mix and Match Textures 

When picking multiple finishes for your exterior, try to mix and match textures to create visual interest. Rough patterned stones can be paired with smooth vinyl siding, or wood shingles can be enhanced with a neat, stacked stone veneer.


Choosing Color

The color you choose will play a big role in the appearance of the finished product. Most homeowners go with a pattern that varies its color rather significantly within the design, so one shade doesn’t dominate. It’s usually best to stick with neutral colors, as you might like a bold color now only to feel like it’s too much later on.


Decide Between Individual Pieces Vs. Panels 

Depending on the stone style you choose, you might be offered stone veneer panels or individual pieces made from single or multiple stones. The choice affects installation time and costs.

Stone-by-stone installation may be a better choice if you’d prefer a jagged, irregular, or rounded look, while stone veneer panels are especially helpful for covering larger exterior swaths. Their interlocking, staggered side edges help achieve a natural look, even in tough areas like corners. Panel veneers are more suitable for dry-stack applications, as you won’t see much grout. However, if you want a rustic and rough look where grout is visible, laying off individual stones may be a better choice. The variety of choices means the possibilities for the final look are endless.  


The Most Important Tip: Hire a Qualified Professional 

Regardless of your choices, make sure you hire qualified professionals to install the exterior stone veneer. The right conditions, timing, and multi-layered base coats are needed to apply the stones correctly and efficiently. 

Even if you already have a pretty clear picture of what you want, attempting this project yourself could result in costly errors and waste. Check out the exterior stone veneer installation services offered at unbelievably reasonable prices by experienced experts at Stone Solutions Maine. 

With options for all kinds of colors, styles, aesthetics, and expert assistance, you’ll be sure to find stone veneer siding you’ll love to come home to.  

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