Looking to add some natural charm to your home? Let’s take a tour of this gorgeous lakefront property in Acton, Maine, where every inch embraces the beauty of local stone. The home effortlessly combines elegance and sustainability, with a design that pays homage to the surrounding lakefront landscape. 

From the walls made with reclaimed bridge blocks to the meticulously hand-cut granite pavers that grace the patios, every aspect of this project showcases the beauty and resilience of nature.


Stone Solutions Maine stair makeover


Working with the experts at Stone Curators in Massachusetts, the homeowners handpicked each and every stone. It took an impressive eight 18-wheeler loads to transport these carefully chosen stones to the project site.

Valley Stone in Augusta, Maine supplied the lake rock stone veneer, which adds a touch of natural charm to both the exterior of the house and the interior fireplace, taking the overall aesthetic to new heights.


Stone Veneer Exterior and Fireplace


Now, let’s take a closer look at the different types of stones that breathe life into this Maine home. Each stone was chosen with precision for its unique features and role in the project.


The Durability and Charm of Reclaimed Bridge Blocks



If you’re searching for stones packed with history, you can’t go wrong with reclaimed bridge blocks. The walls are constructed of reclaimed granite bridge blocks, believed to be from an old railway bridge, bringing a sense of history and eco-friendliness to the hardscape project. They’re heavy-duty, weighing between 2,000 and 4,000 pounds, making them perfect for erosion control and drainage. Plus, their weathered look adds a unique touch to the design. In fact, the homeowners decided to ditch their original plan of using concrete blocks with stone veneer in favor of these durable granite blocks. 


The Art of Reclaimed Curbing


Step remodel

Step Remodel


For the wall caps and steps, we used reclaimed curbing from a variety of sources. We made sure to cut and shape the reclaimed curbing to seamlessly blend with the bridge blocks. 

The homeowners were taken with the weathered look, so we made sure the steps had the same natural feel. Our main focus in this project was to create unique, organic steps without making too many cuts. Using simple tools like chisels and steel saws, we carefully crafted steps that complemented their surroundings.


Staircase design

Staircase design


We were mindful of the strict code enforcement regulations that prohibited hard surfaces from getting too close to the lake. In compliance with the impervious surface restrictions within 100 feet of the lake, we deliberately spaced the steps in certain areas. 


Permeable Granite Patios 


Patio design by Stone Solutions Maine

Patio design in backyard


The patio is truly one-of-a-kind, made with imported granite from the mountains of Italy. These pavers are hand-cut into unique shapes, resulting in rough undersides, angled cuts, and varying thicknesses.


Alternate view of patio design


The entire patio was designed with permeability in mind, allowing rainwater to pass through the joints and infiltrate the stone. We filled the joints with aqua rock and placed each piece individually in a layer of ¾ stone, pounding them into place with care and precision. 

Pro Tip: Opt for wider joints on your patio and fill them with gravel – this allows rainwater to drain right through!


Lake Rock for an Authentic Look


Lake house exterior

Stone veneer exterior of Maine home


The stone veneer used on the home’s exterior is a type of lake rock from Augusta, Maine. This unique stone embodies the character and charm of the region, making it an ideal choice for both the exterior and interior of the home. Only found near bodies of fresh water, it has such a one-of-a-kind rustic vibe.


Fireplace design


This project is an impressive display of elegance and sustainability working hand in hand. The reclaimed bridge blocks and curbing not only add to the visual appeal but also reduce the environmental impact. The use of hand-cut granite pavers and the preservation of natural features like the lake rock show a strong commitment to sustainable design and durability that can withstand Maine’s weather conditions. 

If you’re starting a new project, consider working with Stone Solutions Maine to bring this level of craftsmanship and natural charm to your own outdoor space. Get in touch with us and let us turn your vision into reality!