Stone veneers are a popular feature in modern homes. Here in Maine, you’ll see decorative stone walls in both outdoor and indoor residential spaces. They elevate the area with their beautiful appearance and add to the property’s curb appeal.

Frequently Inspect for Any Damages

While stone veneers can resist structural damage to an extent, they’re prone to dents, scratches, or materials coming loose. This typically happens due to heavy impact or vibrations. It’s important that you check the condition of your stone veneers and ensure there aren’t any loose ends—literally.  Make it a habit to inspect your stonework periodically. This will allow you to detect any signs of damaged stones early on and will prevent the damage from worsening. Also, check the grout between stones for signs of wear.

cleaning bucket filled with soap and water to wash stone wall

Use Soap & Water for Cleaning

The only thing worse than never cleaning your stone veneers is cleaning them using chemicals. Cleaning chemicals are a strict no-no for your veneer walls. The harsh or acidic chemicals can corrode the natural stone and pave way for gradual damage. Only use warm water and some soap to gently sponge the walls. Make a mild detergent solution to spray on the wall and sponge it out. It’ll be a little time consuming, yes, but it’ll get the job done. You can also use a soft bristle brush, a buffing tool, or a polishing accessory to speed up the process. A garden hose can be used for the exterior walls to rinse out the soapy residue, granted that you’re not using high pressure for spraying.

Use Breathable Sealers

You can also use a breathable sealer for your stonewalls. These help in maintaining the humidity equilibrium. Apply the sealer on the wall using a paintbrush, allow it to dry, and then do a second coat.  This should only be done after consulting your stone veneer installation company, as sealers can also inhibit the veneer’s breathability if applied in excess or incorrectly.


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