Planning to host friends and family this summer? Summer is the ideal season to host parties and cookouts. There’s something beautiful about gathering your loved ones and enjoying a meal or going all out to host a killer party.

Whether it’s a graduation party, romantic wedding, or a simple night-in for a family BBQ, the summer brings along lots of reasons to celebrate and spend time outdoors.

If you are tired of your old backyard furniture and want to spruce up your outdoor space, we have a few ideas to help you out. Here’s an outdoor space living guide

Stone patioConsider the Patio

Adding a patio can not only increase your home’s aesthetic appeal but also expand your living space. There is a lot you can do with a patio. You can install a fire pit and enjoy a cozy night out or an entertainment system for movie nights. With patios, the possibilities are endless. 

You can furnish and decorate them according to your style. Add charming outdoor chairs and sofas to hang outside, or add a dining table to enjoy your meals in the fresh air. 

They are also a great outdoor space for hosting people. With hard flooring, you and your guests can walk or dance without worrying about your heels sinking into the mud.  

An Outdoor Kitchen

If you love cooking, adding an open-air kitchen to your outdoor summer space is something you should consider. It will give you a change of scenery, and you can enjoy cooking on starry summer nights.

An outdoor kitchen is also a great idea if you host frequently. You can serve and prepare food outside. This way, you also won’t feel like you are stuck in the kitchen, missing out on fun conversations.

You can either go for a simple option like a BBQ grill and a few cabinets to store utensils. Or you can go all out with a kitchen, including a half-wall countertop, complete kitchen appliances, and a bar. 

Add Some Color

Your outdoor space needs to have a bright and sunny vibe to welcome summer. Adding colors around your space won’t put a dent in your savings, and it can personalize the space.

Add comfortable pillows and cushions in some cheerful colors, or add in some colorful decorative pieces. Just bringing a little color can brighten up your space.

Fire pit on a stone patioRight Furniture 

Finding the right kind of furniture that fits the purpose of your outdoor space is very important. Go for furniture pieces that are easy to clean and come with weather-resistant fabric, as it’s very difficult to move around your furniture all the time.

For tables and chairs, choose materials like redwood, teak, stainless steel, or cedar.

Never buy metal furniture as it will eventually start to rust. Choose something stylish and comfortable. You can get sofas to host guests and enjoy their company, or you can add longing chairs to relax.

Think of the Climate 

You want to be prepared for all sorts of weather conditions to enjoy your time outside. For days when the sun is shining brightly, consider adding some shade like a patio awning, pergola, or an umbrella. Either way, make sure you are capitalizing on your new garden feature instead of creating a seasonal opportunity.

Say goodbye to watching the rain through your window. Step outside and inhale the petrichor as you enjoy your coffee all the while keeping your hair and clothes safe from the downpour.

In Maine, summer days can get hot, so you can install an outdoor ceiling fan on the patio to enjoy a pleasant time outside without getting too hot. 

Light-up the Space

Carefully planned lighting can make a space look enchanting. Light the pathways with stake lights. For areas like the backyard or pool, some string lights can be a game-changer. You can also decorate the space with solar lanterns, tiki torches, and battery-controlled candles if you want to avoid the fire hazard.

The right lighting can instantly make your space look aesthetically pleasing. 

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