As we enter into spring, garden improvements are on the minds of many Maine homeowners. A well-maintained and functional front or backyard is an excellent way to enjoy the beautiful outdoors without being too far from the comfort of your home. This is one of the main reasons our landscaping experts are booked so heavily this time of the year. Improving your home’s outdoor area is, no doubt, an exciting idea. However, whether you hire professional landscaping services or take the DIY route, you must watch out for some common pitfalls that can jeopardize the end results.

Here are some of the most common mistakes homeowners make when it comes to spring landscaping. Make sure not to let these common mistakes ruin the beauty of your home’s outdoor space.

Skipping the Research Stage

Whether it’s planting new seeds or making bigger transformations like a stone patio installation, know your project well before starting.

For instance, when choosing plants for spring landscaping, research whether or not they can thrive in the local weather conditions. Take all factors into account, including rain, humidity, wind, and your region’s average high and low temperatures. In addition to that, you should look into whether or not the given plant species can withstand frost. This can give you an idea of what your outdoor space will look like all around the year.

Planning for the Short-Term

You might not spend a lot of time in your garden once springtime ends. However, it’s essential to plan for the long term whenever making any landscape improvements to your outdoor area. 

Growing flowers all over the place might seem like a good idea. But will you be able to tend them properly? Similarly, if you are planting shrubs, consider the pace at which they grow and the level of care they require. 

Pay close attention to the exact location of your plants. Think about what your shrubs or trees will look like a couple of years later. As they continue growing, will they get too close to the house? You should avoid planting near the doors and windows as it increases your chances of experiencing pest problems down the road.

Manicuring Your Yard Too Much

Spring landscaping isn’t complete without cleaning up the mess accumulated in the cold months. However, try not to get caught up in boosting the immediate appearance of your yard. Homeowners who are too eager to give their outdoor space a much-needed makeover typically end up hurting rather than improving it.

Know the grass and plant species growing in your yard and trim accordingly. Going overboard with your garden shears, clippers, or mower can have irreversible consequences.

Using Low-Quality Mulch

Mulching not only improves plants’ health but increases your garden’s visual appeal by giving it a neat and well-kept look. However, where entire beds need to be covered, people often go for the cheapest deals. Avoid this rookie spring landscaping mistake because low-quality mulch, especially wood mulch, can put your garden at risk of pests and other diseases. 

If you steer clear of these common mistakes, you can make your outdoor space look impressive with spring landscaping. To make your yard truly stand out in the neighborhood, connect with our expert designers today. We offer premium landscaping services in Maine along with custom stone designs to turn your yard into a piece of art.

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