If you haven’t worked on landscape design before, you may be intimated by the vast array of choices. However, with simple tips and tricks, you can spruce up your outdoor space and look vibrant. Remember being consistent and thorough in your approach is the key to creating the perfect design. So pick up a pen and paper, and get working on creating the landscape of your dreams.

Here are some tried and tested landscaping tips that can help achieve your goal:

Determine your landscape needs and wants

The first step in creating a functional design for your landscape is figuring out your needs and wants. How do you intend to use the space? Would you host outdoor parties? Does your family like to gather on the patio? Once you have an understanding of how you’d utilize the yard, you can make better decisions. Your planning would be focused and narrowed-down to include only relevant ideas.

Establish a focal point

Any good landscape design has a focal point that’s usually the first part of the garden to attract attention. Whether you like life-size sculptures or admire waterfalls, you can install one of these attractions at a prime spot on your patio and plan the rest of the design accordingly. A series of shrub, born fire pit, or even a swimming pool are also fantastic features to add to your outdoor space.


A flower bed in front of a home

Think about color, texture, and height

The best looking landscapes have one thing in common: they’re well-thought-out in scaling and pacing. For a more pulled-together look, consider the variations in the size, color, and texture of your landscape features, including plants and flowerbeds. If you find the right balance between repetition and new elements, you’ll create a more harmonized look in the green space. Choosing a color scheme can also help you highlight the more exciting features in your design.

Welcome change

Unless you’re really invested in something, you should be candid about what you like and dislike. While creating your garden design, some things may fall out of favor and no longer reflect your style. It’s okay to remove those ideas from the list and incorporate more favorable options. Be open to change and brave enough to make the alterations to your liking.

Once you’ve figured out how your green space is going to look, reach out to trusted landscapers such as Stone Solutions Maine. We offer high-quality garden landscaping and patio installations in Southern Portland.