Laying stone veneer is not easy. In fact, the process is extremely time-consuming and draining. It requires several steps to be followed through. This is because the natural stone veneer is made of 100 percent real stone. Natural stone, as you might imagine, is not easy to work with. This is why most installers choose to make and install stone veneer instead. 

So, is the process of laying stone veneer difficult? To put it simply, absolutely not!

What Makes Laying Stone Veneer So Simple?

Stone veneer is usually used to jazz up the interior or exterior of your home as it adds greatly to any aesthetic, whether minimalistic or bold. If you do not want to spend too much effort or money renovating your home, laying a stone veneer is the most convenient option as it does not need a variety of tools. 

Since the stone veneer is made with the same materials by all producers, you do not need to worry about placing a special order for the material months in advance. Moreover, the stone can be stabilized without requiring too much footing. The only thing installers need to pay attention to is creating a masonry substrate. 

Since veneer comes from natural stone, it does not take too long to lay. Usually, most manufacturers use thin stone veneer because of its gorgeous aesthetic. The stone veneer does not need to be brushed up or painted as it is colorfast. This means that it will not look ancient or lose its shine for a long period of time. Moreover, since stone veneers are made from variants of real stone, they are not easy to break, scratch, or chip.

Choose Any Shape, Size, or Color

There are loads of colors and designs of stone veneers that you can choose from, depending on the aesthetic your home follows. Some of the most loved styles include:

  • Sandstone
  • River rock
  • Limestone
  • Fieldstone
  • Quartz based stones
  • Stacked stone

Moreover, you do not have to opt for boring, linear shapes. The more irregular or rectangular a stone veneer, the fancier it looks. This is an extremely flexible product that can complement a range of other products to lift the appeal of your home. 

To make the process easier and less time consuming, install the veneer on top of concrete. In comparison, the traditional masonry project that makes use of complete veneer takes longer and is more complicated. 

Stone veneer can be used to renovate homes, offices, or even studio places. It has a high success rate in both construction and renovation projects. You can opt for any vibe, shape, design, or color based on your preference and the aesthetic of your space. It’s uniformity, lightweight, and negligible cost has made it an extremely popular product among the masses. 


However, keep in mind that installing stone veneers is not a DIY job. It can be extremely challenging, and if messed up, it can completely destroy the foundation of your home. Hence, always allow professional teams who are experienced to lay stone veneer the correct way.  At Stone Solutions Maine, we are confident in our skill and craftsmanship and have years of experience working with stone veneer. Give us a call today so we can get started on your next project!