Do you want to enjoy the winter season to the max this year? Well, enjoying movie time with your family with a fireplace lit up in the background sounds about perfect! 

A traditional wooden fireplace can be aesthetically pleasing. In winter especially, a fireplace is perfect to add a touch of warm and cozy ambiance to your indoors. Fireplaces also add an architectural statement and help increase the value of your property.

Yes, the idea of having a warm fireplace lit up in your backyard sounds great. However, it can be pretty dangerous too if you don’t prepare for it properly. 

According to the National Fire Protection Association, on average 361,500 houses catch fire due to overheating their fireplaces. If you can’t choose between a fire pit or a fireplace, let’s take a look at the pros and cons of each:

Choose Between a Firepit or a Fireplace

There’s a slight difference between the two that you must consider, and prepare accordingly. The smoke in a fireplace goes out through a chimney; you sit in front of it as opposed to around it. 

If you want to enjoy a mini BBQ at home, roast marshmallows, or have a bonfire, then a firepit would be ideal for you.  You can also get a customized outdoor fire pit for your home. But if you want to enjoy the warmth of a fireplace inside your home during a winter evening, consider investing in a fireplace.

Before you call the landscaping contractor, don’t forget to carry out the following. Remember, safety is the key! 

natural stone fireplace

Clean the Chimney and Blower

It’s essential to clean the chimneys to remove any debris. Consider getting them cleaned at least once a year by professionals. Unclean chimneys can lead to house fires; flammable residues of creosote build-up and ignite the chimney.

If the blower doesn’t have a filter, the residues can build up, so don’t forget to get it serviced too.


Ensure that the Structure isn’t Damaged

Check the structure properly to ensure there’s no gas or water leakage from the pipe. If anything is broken, replace it immediately to avoid any mishap. Check if there’s any crack or missing tiles in the exterior of the chimney. 

Moreover, it’s also important to ensure that there are no holes in the mesh screen or fireplace doors. 

Clean the Hearth

To prevent air pollution, you should clean the floor of your fireplace. You can use an ash vacuum to remove dust particles from the wooden logs. Cleaner air will help prevent allergies and respiratory issues too. 

Place Fire Alarms

We can’t even stress how important these are. You should never forget to place alarms or check for batteries. To ensure safety, you must use smoke sensors, detectors, and an alarm.

Don’t Forget to Keep Chimney Caps and Screens 

These will prevent birds or pests from entering the chimney. They also protect the chimney during rains and snowfall but make sure that the chimney cap is firmly attached.

Install a Glassdoor

Heatproof glass can make the fireplace more energy efficient. Moreover, it prevents sparks from escaping to the floor around the fireplace.

Trim Large Tree Branches Around Your Chimney

If you have a fireplace in your backyard, don’t forget to trim the branches around the chimney because they can cause a fire hazard. Secondly, the trees can damage the chimney cap and block the flow of air. 

Choose the Right Type of Wood

There are various kinds of woods available that people use for fireplaces. The moisture levels of wood determine how efficiently they can light up. The different types include hardwood like oak and beech, which tend to burn the longest and produce less smoke and ash as compared to the softwoods. 

However, remember to store these woods outside your house to avoid a pesticide infestation.

brick fireplace

Safety Checklist 

Follow these tips to ensure fireplace safety at all times:

  • Don’t use charcoal in the fireplace to avoid carbon-monoxide buildup
  • Never place carpets around the fireplace because they can catch fire
  • Make sure to keep children and pets away from the fireplace
  • Place the fireplace at some distance from the seating area
  • Get the fireplace professionally inspected once every year



If you’re looking for professional outdoor fireplace services in Saco, we’d love to build the perfect spot for you. 

At Stone Solutions Maine, we provide premium stonework for fireplaces that can add to your property’s value. We account for every detail and customize an intricate design that’ll make your property seem more visually appealing.