Realtors knew it before anybody else; outdoor fireplaces will be the next best thing in home improvements. Many contractors have seen a significant increase in outdoor fireplaces since 2019. Now, homeowners are bringing in new features more actively to enjoy activities without leaving their property. Fortunately, increasing the home value to the extent that the property sells quicker than others. 

Fireplaces are not just for the living rooms; this heating system can also be used as an outdoor landscaping component. Especially living in a relatively colder state like Maine, an outdoor fireplace will come in handy. 

Also, an outdoor fireplace adds more amenities to your property, from a beautiful patio to gazebos for lounging. Realtors and homeowners love these outdoor living spaces because you get more from your property. Here are some ways a simple fireplace can make a house sell quicker. 

A place for the family 

An outdoor fireplace means you have a central area where the entire family can hang out. You can have your children out on the patio and your pets as well. Most homebuyers look for an extra edge when buying a house. Sometimes it can be an indoor pool or a gazebo in the garden. But an outdoor fireplace is usually loved by all due to its comfortable and warm vibe. 

Women roasting marshmallows at the outdoor fireplace.Host more parties 

Due to its welcoming nature, the outdoor fireplaces are embellished with lounging areas. Some people also add a customized patio with a shade and dining table. You can host large dinner parties or a secluded romantic night with your significant other. The choices are endless since these fireplaces can work great for parties and events. 

Some homeowners with a swimming pool like to have a fireplace outside; this serves to warm up before heading back in the house. 

You must have heard of fire pit roasting, but have you heard of fireplace roasting? These dinner parties can become the talk of the town with a fireplace roasted meal. Just make sure to not use a gas fireplace but a wood-burning fireplace as it is safer and more practical. 

A safer and cleaner inside 

Some homeowners just don’t want to deal with the wood combustion smell and extensive cleaning with an indoor fireplace. If you don’t know already, indoor fireplaces can be extremely hectic to clean and maintain. Since the wood-burning byproduct called soot can get everywhere in your home, from your furniture to your curtains. This is why some people prefer not to have a fireplace. Instead, they like to keep the dirt and dust outside their homes. 

Another reason homeowners prefer to have outdoor fireplaces is safety precautions; they want to avoid chimney fires that happen more than you think. Some people have respiratory issues; they can’t be near an indoor fireplace since the air is filled with little specks of soot.

Enhances your backyard 

Do you know why a house with an outdoor fireplace sells quickly? It’s because they enhance the boring and simple look of a backyard. Believe it or not, an outdoor fireplace doesn’t just work as a heating system but also increases the property’s outdoor space value. 

You can use these fireplaces as a part of the landscaping theme. For example, you can add the same stone veneers or masonry work to your fireplace as you did to your fountain wall. These intricate details make a huge difference to the appearance of your backyard, and homebuyers will definitely notice these little things when looking to buy the property. 

Outdoor fireplaces are permanent 

If you thought you had to keep remodeling or rebuilding an outdoor fireplace, you are mistaken; because an outdoor fireplace is durable. They can take on any weather due the materials used and don’t bend or break under pressure. This means that a homeowner is investing in a long-lasting outdoor feature. 

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