Fireplaces have been popular additions to homes since the mid-19th century. Their appeal has grown over the years because of the stories we’re told. For example, kids have learned about Santa coming through the fireplace to leave them Christmas presents since the 1900s. They’ve even been used to capture the imagination of modern generations through the Harry Potter books and movies!

But there’s more to fireplaces than just fantasy—they also provide numerous practical benefits to improve your home’s appeal drastically. Whether you’re considering an indoor or outdoor fireplace, we’ve put together the top reasons why we think getting one is a fantastic idea.

Custom stone fireplaceIt Adds More Value to Your Home

Did you know that 77% of home buyers are willing to spend more on houses with fireplaces? A fireplace will add to the aesthetic appeal of your home while also providing much-needed heating to attract buyers looking to beat Maine’s brutal winters. But it doesn’t stop there. 

The fancier the fireplace is, the more value it adds. According to the National Center for Real Estate Research, fireplaces add about 12% on average to a house’s value. However, you can exceed this by adding a mantel. It’ll take a few weeks to install, depending on how flashy your choice is—but if the right décor surrounds it, then your home value will shoot through the roof.

It Creates a Lovely Ambiance

Fireplaces boost the room’s aesthetics by acting as a focal point for its overall design. For example, fireplaces featuring exposed bricks, stonework, and iron create a rustic theme that complements the natural beauty of fire flames. Imagine warming up next to a rustic fireplace as it illuminates your home’s wooden floors on a cold winter night – sounds cozy, doesn’t it? 

The softly crackling wood sound is an excellent ASMR source—a soothing sensation caused by specific visual and audio cues. It’s also the perfect background noise to complement all types of music, from Christmas carols in the festive season to that one special song you love dancing to with your partner. 

Together, the sight and sounds of a fireplace are sure to create a relaxing atmosphere in your home. 

It Lowers Your Bills

Research shows that families spend most of their time either in the bedroom or the living room. This fact makes having a fireplace ideal instead of using your home’s central heating system, which unnecessarily heats unused rooms. With electricity costs also rising, a fireplace will help you massively reduce your utility bills.

However, the amount by which your bill is lowered depends on the type of fireplace you have. For example, gas fireplaces can be switched on and off quickly depending on the weather. Therefore, you can heat your home exactly when you want and save on your gas bill. 

Homeowners living in rural areas are likely to have more access to firewood. It’s therefore ideal to have fireplaces in these areas—and not spend on electricity or gas when your fuel source is right outside your home!

You Can Cook with It

Cooking is an obvious yet largely overlooked benefit of outdoor fireplaces. Do you feel like surprising your kids? Why not roast a couple of marshmallows over your fireplace! You’re guaranteed to make beautiful memories, and it’ll give you a newfound appreciation for your fireplace. 

While cooking on outdoor fireplaces is okay, cooking indoors is not. We especially recommend not to cook indoors, as it’ll reduce the air quality in your home from wood smoke. The last thing you want is your fire alarms going off in the middle of the night!


It’ll Keep You Warm during Power Cuts

Unfortunately, harsh winter storms cause power cuts in states like Maine every year. If the thought of shivering in the dark is too much to bear, consider getting a fireplace.

Fireplaces serve several purposes in the event of a power cut. Your fireplace will provide you with both warmth and light to ride out the storm outside. You’ll also be able to heat food and drinks by placing plates or cups on the fireplace mantle.

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