If you’ve ever driven by a home and slowed to a near stop in order to admire everything from the brick mailbox at the tip of the driveway to the fire pit off in the distance, you may wonder how in the world one conjures up such a landscape idea to achieve this outdoor oasis.


We introduce to you another partner of Stone Solutions Maine: Genest Concrete. 

Before the masonry industry expanded into what it is today, Hermangilde Genest took to his gravel pit in Sanford where he hand-pressed concrete blocks. This was back in 1927. Now, third and fourth generations of the Genest family can be found keeping the roots of this business very much alive.

So alive in fact, that Genest Concrete is one of the largest manufacturers and distributors in New

England. The team prides itself on research and testing, making sure their hardscape and masonry products can stand up to the long winters and extreme temperatures in the North East.

Not only is Genest committed to high-quality products, but wants to make sure their footprint is as green as possible. This comes from keeping a close eye on fossil fuels as well as taking advantage of recycled materials as much as possible.

That is the longer way of saying, when you choose Stone Solutions Maine to deliver a backyard overhaul, we take the job seriously and that starts with our suppliers. Partnering with Genest Concrete helps us ensure we are providing high-quality stones and concrete products, to execute our service.

Whether you’re a professional masonry contractor, landscaper or simply a homeowner looking to expand your knowledge of the craft, we not only make it easy makeover or upgrade your yard, but also have access to an extensive inventory thanks to Genest. We would like to give a special thanks and to the team at Genest Concrete and specifically John Jaques for the long time dedication to taking care of us as a customer, you have gone the extra mile.

If you’re interesting in checking out a showroom, Genest has locations in Sanford, Windham and Biddeford. For those outside of Southern Maine, here’s the link to their authorized dealers:http://www.genest-concrete.com/contact/.