An outdoor fireplace creates a place to create memories and socialize in your backyard. They’re a great addition to your patio, especially if you have ample space available. It can enhance the lighting and heating by creating a romantic ambiance perfect for those winter nights. Not to mention, it’s great for hosting and will win you the award for being the most gracious host.  It’s a luxury feature and can instantly make your space look elegant. 

An outdoor fireplace is similar to an indoor fireplace; it’s simply located in the exterior section of the house. It is a large permanent structure, available in a rectangle, square, and even an oval. The interior can be filled with limestone, stone, concrete, and brick. Depending on what looks good with your aesthetic, the masonry service will suggest accordingly. 

These options should be considered when going for an outdoor fireplace

Does It Have a Function? 

No one will add an outdoor fireplace if they live in a state like Florida, where there’s no use for it. So if you live in a place with a hot climate, a fireplace will only be seen as a design element, whereas they have so many functions in the winter season.  They not only provide warmth but are also an excellent place for the whole family to gather around. 

Outdoor fireplaces can also be used to divide, for example, the outdoor dining area and an informal setting for friends and family. Its walled structure can provide shade from the sun and wind while also giving more privacy to the neighbors. 

Does It Add to the Design Aesthetic?

The outdoor fireplace must compliment your living space and outdoor exterior. For example, they can be an eyesore if it clashes with the stone veneer installation

Placement of the Outdoor fireplace

When it comes to aesthetics, the composition of all elements should be pleasing to the eye. It’s essential to narrow down what you intend to use it for; you might want to use it for cooking or as a gathering spot for your family. This will determine the placement and the space you require for the designated purpose. 

Additionally, due to safety concerns, fireplaces cannot just go anywhere. They need to be away from flammable objects such as plants if the wind moves in the wrong direction.

What is Your Budget?

When it comes to adding aesthetics to your house, it depends on your budget. It’s essential to go with a reasonably affordable fireplace rather than going over the top and having financial issues later. Planning and researching beforehand can save time and energy while saving you from disappointment. 

What Kind of Materials Will You Be Using?

Many masonry services offer multiple options for outdoor fireplaces. These can include; stone, stainless steel, marble, brickwork, etc. Different materials have varying costs, so it also depends on your budget. 

The material you opt for also depends on the kind of aesthetic you’re going for. A stainless steel structure will be clean-cut magnifying elegance, while stonework may give an over rustic feel. 

Consider Safety Options First

Fireplace safety is no joke. It’s essential to review the safety features before building an outdoor fireplace. Research your city codes and laws to see what is permissible. This will save you from hassles in the long run. Make sure that there are no burn bans in your area beforehand. 

A big part of fireplace maintenance is ventilation. Good ventilation in your chosen area can save you a lot on maintenance and repair costs. Installing a fireplace in a partially enclosed space can be a fire hazard; it’s vital to consult with a contractor first to ensure no safety hazards. 

At least a 10-feet radius from the fireplace should be clean; there should be no debris, twigs, and dead leaves. All of these can be potentially dangerous and should be cleared right away. Consistent trimming of shrubs, bushes, and trees should be a priority to maintain safety. Children and pets should be kept away at a distance at all times. 

Additionally, have a fire extinguisher at hand and install a safety screen, even for a glass fireplace. This will reduce the risk of injury. It’s vital to learn how to operate and maintain a fire extinguisher so that you can be prepared for any emergencies. 

Outdoor fireplaces provide a relaxing spot for the whole family; however, it takes only a minute for things to get out of hand. Even with a screen, some embers can escape, causing a fire. Always have to keep an eye on the fireplace, and if you’re going inside, make sure that you assign the duty to someone else. 

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