Maine’s gardens are like nature’s own storybook. Tucked between lush forests, rugged coastlines, and epic mountains, every garden here feels like its own magical world. Whether you’re a traveler hunting for a new destination, a garden enthusiast needing some inspiration, or just curious about eco-friendly gardening, Maine’s got a garden for that. Let’s take a look at 10 of the coolest gardens Maine has to offer, each with its own story.


1. Coastal Maine Botanical Gardens



Tucked away in Boothbay Harbor is the Coastal Maine Botanical Gardens. This botanical paradise is home to both native and exotic flowers that’ll take your breath away. But it’s not just about the Instagram-worthy blooms: While you’re there, level up your green thumb game with tips on sustainable gardening practices and get the lowdown on why keeping it local with indigenous plants is a big win for Maine’s ecosystems. This botanical paradise has beauty and brains, both. 


2. The Asticou Azalea Garden



Hidden gem alert in Northeast Harbor, Maine: the Asticou Azalea Garden. Ready for a splash of pink, purple, and white: At this beautiful garden at the sea, the azaleas and rhododendrons pop off in every shade. But hey, it’s not just about the flower power. Stroll down those pathways and you’ll feel all kinds of zen vibes, thanks to the Japanese-inspired design—think peaceful ponds, rustic wooden bridges, and stone lanterns. And here’s the kicker: this garden is also a safe haven for Maine’s native plants and animals.


3. McLaughlin Garden and Homestead


The McLaughlin Garden and Homestead in South Paris, is filled with vibrant flowers, majestic trees, and well-maintained lawns that will help you forget your worries for a while.

This is the garden for lilac lovers with over 125 varieties and one of the largest collections in New England. This centuries-old landmark is also on the National Register of Historic Places as a cultural landscape with its two-acre garden, historic barn, and old-school homestead.


4. Thuya Gardens



Mother Nature flaunts her artistic side at Northeast Harbor’s Thuya Gardens. Step inside and get ready to be mesmerized by dazzling flower beds, paths that seem to wind with purpose, and unforgettable scenery. Named for the white cedars, Thuja occidentalis, growing around it, this place has a secret garden feel, yet welcomes everyone with open arms. This art-nature fusion isn’t just a garden, it’s a tranquil retreat where every turn is both refreshing and inspiring.


5. The Gardens at Pineland Farms



Ready for a serene retreat? Look no further than The Gardens at Pineland Farms in New Gloucester. It’s not just a garden—it’s a soul-soothing, nature-loving oasis where every corner beckons you to relax a bit longer.  Picture this: Bold, colorful flower beds popping against manicured lawns, with every shade of green you can think of. As you meander along its pathways, it’s like walking through a postcard, no filter needed; it’s Mother Nature showing off, big time.

But hey, it’s not all about kicking back. Got a green thumb or want one? Whether you’re leveling up your gardening game or just starting out, Pineland Farms educational workshops have the knowledge you’re craving. Garden, learn, repeat.


6. The Granite Garden Gallery


Sullivan’s The Granite Garden Gallery is not your average garden—it’s an outdoor gallery where sculptures made from stone are displayed. Take a relaxing walk through the Quarry Trail, where you’ll spot granite sculptures, each one telling a unique story.

This is a “living quarry museum” that promotes reclamation and regeneration of the site, as a resource open to visitors eager to learn about the history of the quarry industry and stonework today. 

What truly distinguishes the Granite Garden Gallery is its seamless integration of art and nature. The sculptures seamlessly blend into the surroundings, as if they were always meant to be there. Pro tip: make sure your phone is charged – you will be taking a lot of pictures.


7. Hamilton House and Garden



Nestled in South Berwick, Hamilton House and Garden, located along the banks of the Salmon Falls River isn’t just any old estate—it’s like stepping back in time. First off, you’ve got this grand mansion which once heard the whispers and laughter of the well-to-do Hamilton family.

As you explore the perfectly groomed gardens, you’ll be transported to the Georgian era of the 18th century, when this grand mansion was the talk of the town. The garden’s meticulous design captures the Colonial Revival period’s charm and sophistication, complete with velvety lawns, lively floral beds, and enchanting pathways.

The crown jewel of Hamilton House and Garden is its breathtaking waterfront view. Relax on one of the garden benches and take in the tranquil Salmon Falls River’s sights, encircled by verdant foliage and vibrant blossoms. It’s a history lesson, relaxation session, and nature appreciation class all rolled into one.


8. Rose Circle at Deering Oaks


Nestled within the heart of Portland, Maine, the Rose Circle at Deering Oaks is a rose aficionado’s paradise. Boasting around 600 rose plants that span 38 distinctive varieties, this garden is nothing short of a fragrant tapestry. From grandifloras to hybrid tea roses, with a remarkable 80% being celebrated American Rose Society varieties, each bloom is a celebration. In a world that often moves too fast, the Rose Circle offers a gentle pause—a serene enclave where the soul can breathe and find respite. So, when the urban hustle feels overwhelming, remember there’s a rose-filled sanctuary waiting to welcome you.


9. Longfellow Garden



Step into Portland’s Longfellow Garden, and you’re not just walking on a path – you’re strolling through history, right back to the colonial revival days. This vintage sanctuary, located behind the historic Wadsworth-Longfellow House, whispers tales of the past with each rustling leaf and blooming petal.

But what makes this place truly magical is the poetic heart that beats at its center – the legacy of Henry Wadsworth Longfellow. So, as you wander, you’re not just exploring a garden but walking in the footsteps of one of history’s most celebrated poets.


10. University of Maine Gardens at Tidewater Farm


The University of Maine Gardens at Tidewater Farm in Falmouth stands as a tranquil testament to sustainability and serenity. This peaceful haven is more than just a garden; it’s a sanctuary where beauty and mindfulness converge. As you meander through this verdant space, you’ll be drawn to the meticulously designed landscapes, alive with vibrant blooms and thriving native plants. Each pathway and garden bed is carefully curated, showcasing the allure of Maine’s natural flora.

But there’s a deeper thread woven through these gardens: a commitment to the earth. Tidewater Farm champions the ideals of sustainability and conservation. Visitors are not just treated to a feast for the eyes but are also educated about the merits of ecological balance, organic gardening techniques, and the pivotal role of native plants. Here, the future blooms in harmony with the past.

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