Having an indoor or outdoor fireplace is certainly a treat. They enhance the ambiance of any space and provide warmth on chilly nights. However, as styles change, your fireplace may eventually need an upgrade.

Stone Solutions Maine can help you replace a dated fireplace with one that’s as simple or as unique as you like. You can choose from a line of prefab fireplaces or request a completely custom-built fireplace installation

Schedule a consultation so our experts can walk you through the process of installing a fireplace you can show off to friends and family. Read this guide to learn everything you need to know about creating a custom fireplace that matches your home and lifestyle. 

fireplace in a living roomNatural Stonework or Manufactured Stone Veneer

Stone is the top-trending material for chic and functional custom fireplaces. However, when choosing the stone, you can choose to go with natural stonework or manufactured stone. 

Manufactured stone, also known as faux stone,  is available in a wide variety and is relatively cheaper, as it’s lighter and easier to install.

With natural stones, the aesthetics you achieve are unmatched. The color and variations available in natural stones can make all the difference in the look of your custom or prefab fireplace. But with premier quality faux stone, you can still achieve similar results at a more budget-friendly price. 

Color and Cut 

The next step is to pick the cut or ‘style’ of the stone. You can pick a single style or choose a custom fireplace with multiple blends. Each cut is different and unique. You could opt for giant bed face stones for a rustic look or thick stacked stones for a modern edge. Feel free to consult our experts and ask for samples when deciding on the cut and color of the stonework. 


Is your current fireplace recessed, flat, cornered, or made with a bump-out design that protrudes into the room? These questions will lead to variations of how the stonework of your new fireplace can be installed.

You could choose to give the space more depth with an arch in the fireplace, keystones with accent stones, or any other trim stone designs you can dream up. For those who prefer contemporary architectural styles, you can consider a see-through fireplace with stonework on two different sides or rooms for your fireplace. 

To Mantel or Not to Mantel

The choice for mantels comes down to a few unique factors in your home, such as the clearance of the fireplace. Mantels are ideally installed with stone veneer, so if you’d like to have them, the decision will be made early in the process when selecting the stone. 

Mantels are available in many materials, such as stained or natural wood, painted wood, and stone. Depending on the amount of shelving the space has or needs, mantels are especially enjoyable during changing seasons and upcoming holidays that require festive décor.

For the best results, be sure to consult professionals when setting the height or choosing mantel material for the fireplace. 

Hearth Design 

The extra seating or step space for décor when family and friends gather for festivities is known as the hearth. It can be enjoyed in many ways as long as you adhere to the recommended preventive measures to keep all your valuables and loved ones safe. 

Most manufacturers offer hearthstones designed to match the preferred stone veneers in your fireplace. You can find many options available in different colors at high-end manufacturers. Before the stone veneer installation, large chunks are often laid out and cut into smaller shapes to match various styles.  

The fireplace you choose will tie your home design together and act as a focal point for all of your future Football Sundays, Lazy Saturdays, and family holidays. Let our professionals handle all the work to help you get the prefab fireplace or custom fireplace of your dreams. 

All of your design choices matter, but so does the fireplace installation. Unsightly masonry work can put a dent in the overall aesthetics of the fireplace or even damage your home. That’s why you want to make sure your contractor has an expert team that will ensure proper installation.

Give us a call to discuss the design and customization options with us. Other than prefab and custom fireplaces, we also provide an enormous range of expert services, including building custom paver driveways, patios, steps, walkways, or stonewalls for your home. Many people in Maine choose us for their hardscaping and landscaping needs.