There is just something inviting about a stone walkway that gives homes a welcoming feel. Perhaps this is why there has been such an increase in demand for landscaping stone.

We should mention the fact that it’s also cost effective, sustainable and no two pieces are the same. In fact, no one knows this better than our partners at Delgado Stone.

The company is headquartered in Connecticut and founded by Brendon Southard, a mason who was puzzled by the lack of quality and consistency in the materials he was using before starting Delgado Stone Distributors in 2011.

With a focus on natural stone veneer, Delgado Stone is able to hone in on their niche, providing 20 unique product options in five different shapes (while offering “rounds” as well). The materials are sourced and harvested in New England, New York and Pennsylvania but available at authorized dealers throughout the United States.

At Stone Solutions, we appreciate being able to focus fully on the vision of our client, knowing very well our distributors like Delgado Stone are supplying the highest quality material to make for a smooth installation process.

With the use of their thinstone veneer stone, we have been able to execute some striking fireplace projects, complete with a complementary foundation and stone benches. Another partner of ours, Gagne & Son (who we introduced in a previous blog), is actually Maine’s largest supplier of Delgado Stone products. One reason we are taking the time to unveil our relationships in this industry is because we truly believe in the “it takes a village” approach to execute the craftsmanship required to take an idea and make it reality.

Being able to look at a backyard or patio or chimney in hindsight and recall all of the steps and people who made the completion possible is something that means a lot to us, not just as a company but in overall fulfillment.

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