Stone veneers are an impressively versatile option when it comes to adding a unique touch to the exterior or interior of any home. Whether you want to bring a contemporary appeal or create a rustic vibe, stone veneers can serve as the ideal décor. If you wish to give your place a stylish makeover, Stone Solutions Maine offers many different types of veneers to choose from. 

The latest addition to our line of quality stone products is Fond du Lac Country Squire. If you are wondering how this variety of stone veneers can transform your home’s beauty, read on for some rock-solid inspiration.

Fond du Lac Country Squire

Fond du Lac is a classic toned stone veneer that replicates castle rock style. Made from dolomitic limestone that is usually quarried in Wisconsin, this natural stone veneer is predominantly white and gray in color. The Country Squire formation is known for its durability and uniqueness. It is available in two types – full-size veneer and thin veneer. Full-size Fond du Lac is sold by the ton as it is packaged on pallets. The thin variety, on the other hand, is packaged and sold by the box. Our stone installation company in Maine offers real stone veneers in various styles and sizes to fit all your custom builds. 

Fond du Lac stone veneers are 100% machine split. That is, each individual piece is cut with a hydraulic press on all sides to create clean rectangles. However, the edges are left slightly cracked or fragmented to retain the natural rustic beauty. Be it a stone fireplace, interior wall, exterior trims, or any other type of decorative stonework, the Fond du Lac can give your place a regal touch.

Design Ideas for Fond du Lac Stone Veneer

Earthy tones featuring a hint of buff, tan, and golden hues make this naturally shaped and colored stone veneer ideal for a wide range of projects. 

For example, if the French country style inspires you, the classic design of Country Squire veneers can help transform your home’s exterior to the look you desire. Pair thin or full-size stone cladding with natural bricks and a neutral tan stucco entryway for stately beauty. For a truly villa-like transformation, you can go for a two-story stucco front door. It looks more majestic as it creates a smooth connection between multiple levels of the house. 

Many homeowners who choose Fond du Lac Country Squire for exterior home decoration add metal awning accents to further enhance its exquisiteness. You can also incorporate brick window surrounds to take your home’s curb appeal to the next level.

However, the best part about Fond du Lac is that it looks impressive even when used on its own. This is because the finesse of Country Squire formation eliminates the need for fancy accompaniments that are often required with real stone façade.

Fond du Lac’s artic colors create a stunning effect on mortared masonry walls. If you cover your exterior walls with this stone veneer, prepare to be surprised by how different your place looks at different hours of the day. The light gray and white tones add grandeur to even the humblest of houses.

Why Choose Fond du Lac?

Apart from its design versatility, this type of stone veneer offers a number of benefits for both interior and exterior home décor. 

To begin with, it is a highly durable material. Just like any other real stone, Fond du Lac Country Squire formation is also virtually maintenance-free. You can go without cleaning it for years at a stretch, and the veneer will still retain its elegant beauty. However, it is recommended to clean and wash the façade every once in a while. This helps prevent dust and dirt from accumulating on the surface and ensures the longevity of the stonework. 

The overall beauty of homes adorned with Fond du Lac stone veneers usually surpasses that of homes decorated with high-end building materials.  So, if you are looking for an effective way to improve your home’s aesthetic value without breaking the bank, this classic toned stone veneer is a fine choice to consider.

Our professional stone installers at Stone Solutions Maine can help you create an impressive stone décor with Fond du Lac.  We are a locally owned and operated business dedicated to serving anyone and everyone interested in ornamental masonry. 

Whether you want to give your home a facelift or enhance the interior design with decorative stone, we can help you with it all. Our team of skilled workers has years of experience in the field. With numerous successfully completed projects under our belt, we are confident in our abilities to turn your dream design into reality. 

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