What’s more relaxing than reading a book by a warm brick fireplace in the winter season? Brick fireplaces are quintessential New England.  Once the temperatures start to dip, the only let down is noticing it may be looking a bit rusted and old-fashioned. 

You must do justice to your fireplace. After all, a brick fireplace is a luxury that not many people have. A gorgeous fireplace will contribute to the ambiance and aesthetic of your home. Who likes stepping out of the house when it’s cold, anyway? Below, you will find some trendy ideas that you can use to give your fireplace a wonderful makeover. 

1.  The German Smear Technique

The German Smear Technique, also known as the German Schmear, is one of the most convenient ways to transform your brick fireplace into a beautiful centerpiece.

This technique does not largely alter the texture or color of the existing fireplace bricks but makes it look more antique. The German Smear consists of a mortar wash technique, which is performed by mixing mortar and cement. 

2.  White-Washed Brick Fireplace

Have you noticed how conventional fireplaces have red bricks? This look has become increasingly popular over the past few years. 

Lately, the all-white trend has started to dominate the world of interior design. White-washing a red-bricked fireplace preserves the texture while providing a trendier, fresher look to the environment. You can also paint your walls white to compliment the fireplace.

3.  Faux Brick Paneling

This inexpensive technique adds a new dimension to your fireplace. Coupled with the white bricks, it will have all your friends drooling over it!

If you’re looking to transform your house and encourage a cozy feel, the faux brick paneling renovation will make you fall in love. It looks particularly good above your fireplace mantel. The best part? This makeover technique does not require you to break your bank!

4.  Aged Gray Fireplace with Paint Technique

Do you like the look of antique brick fireplaces? If reading this sentence had you swooning, this makeover is for you. All you have to do is match the brick fireplace color to the color of the walls in your room. A painted brick fireplace makes your home décor look classy and unique.

To achieve this look, opt for a painting technique that does not look overdone. You want to preserve the traditional red of the bricks while bringing a natural look to the color.

If you want to try something dramatic, try cleaning your fireplace properly and then brushing a light layer of paint over the bricks. Remember to keep your touch soft and gentle. Allow the paint to dry for two or three hours. The end result will add a burst of warmth and texture to your room.

5.  Dry Brushing

Are you looking to get creative? The dry brushing technique creates a wonderful rustic look for your brick fireplace. All you need is three different light-colored paints to brush the bumps and banks of the fireplace. 

The end goal is an irregular design with pale colors that overlap each other and look symmetrical, without following the common trend of slapping paint onto brick fireplaces. Dry brushing will make your fireplace look brighter, fresher, and more natural. To add a little pop, you can also incorporate some wood décor pieces. 

Maintaining Your Brick Fireplace

You can renovate and give your fireplace makeovers as often as you like, but there is no shortcut to maintaining it. Lucky for you, this isn’t too difficult! Here’s what you need to do:

  • Clean your fireplace regularly. Wash it if you must. White-colored fireplaces tend to get dirty fast, so if you want to maintain a classy aesthetic, it is important to be regular with cleanliness.
  • Occasionally brush your fireplace up with paint, especially if it is starting to look worn out. However, always do this after applying a primer! 
  • Make sure to use proper materials so that they do not loosen up or get worn out too fast.
  • A floating beam will help highlight your brick fireplace.
  • Use a mirror on top of your mantel so that your fireplace has a beautiful backdrop and brightens up your room!


Looking to fully transform your fireplace and go all out? Cover it with smooth, clear tiles. This makeover will make your fireplace look as good as new and will provide the perfect change of scenery! All you have to do is use a cement backer board to attach the tile so that you do not end up adding additional layers of the motor. This modern technique will add to your minimalistic aesthetic.