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Stone Solutions Maine

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Rob Howard, Master Stonemason and Founder

Born in Portland, Maine, and raised in South Portland, Rob Howard has spent 25+ years in masonry. He began his career and learning his craft working with  many incredibly talented stonemasons, many of whom had different working methods, materials, and specialties. This experience has enabled Rob to “learn from the best," honing his craft, and developing his own style. Rob Howard is a master stonemason and treats every job, large or small, with the same expert devotion, remarkable attention to detail, and dedicated personal service.


Truly family oriented, Rob has been a devoted brother and son, assisting his disabled sister and meeting the mental, physical, and property needs of his mom and dad until they passed away.

Rob is environmentally conscious and spiritually motivated, believing they go hand-in-hand in building a better life, not only for himself, but for all life on the planet. His last two dogs were rescue dogs and he ambitiously devotes time, money, and energy helping animals, either farm, wild, or domestic. 

Rob enjoys concerts and music festivals, and he actively supports groups and organizations that deal with mental illness and other worthwhile causes.