Mother nature can damage anyone’s land anytime, especially with the drastically changing climate. Calamities such as droughts, floods, windstorms, heavy rains, and extreme weather trickle down. Rising temperatures are causing longer frost seasons and more aggressive weeds, giving pests more time to reproduce. 

Many people are struggling with yards losing their curb appeal and functionality due to uninvited elements and severe weather. Persistent severe weather paired with poor maintenance can set your landscaping back years. Homeowners are looking for innovative ways to change their landscaping to prepare for the weather patterns of their area. 

If you think it’s time to rethink your landscaping to protect from severe weather, check out these ideas before you start. Follow these low-maintenance tips to win over the erratic weather and enjoy some quality time with your loved ones in your yard. 

Landscaping and lawn care to keep the garden lush and neat Tip #1- Pick Plant Species Intelligently 

Landscapes and gardens with a healthy variety of plant species often better resist diseases, pests, and prolonged severe weather. Areas that experience drought are generally more prone to suffering from slower plant growth. This impacts the plant’s structure, making them more susceptible to diseases. 

Severe weather can destroy entire root systems and wreak havoc on your garden or yard. Experts recommend investing in drought-resistant and native plants that are hardy and can support native wildlife. You can also mulch your land to protect the soil and allow it to thrive. 

Tip #2- Lawn Care and Maintenance 

If you plan on adding some green to your land, you may have chosen sod, as it’s a simple and easy way to achieve a beautiful lawn. Some sods, however, have shallow roots and require lots of work. Some experts are recommending nixing the sod and opting for ground cover

You won’t need to mow frequently and you’ll benefit from the ground cover retaining the soil carbons. Ground cover is a great way to prevent invasive species and erosion and make the area drought-tolerant. More importantly, it re-nourishes the soil, so you won’t need to fertilize it as often. 

Tip #3- Add Rain Gardens to Your Landscaping 

Plants that require more water can be used in rain gardens—an area people add to their landscaping specifically for heavy rainfall. Rain gardens are beneficial for filtering stormwater runoff before it enters the waterways, alleviating issues associated with drainage and flooding, and recharging groundwater supplies. Rain gardens not only enhance the beauty of yards but are also great habitats and food sources for wildlife. They are pollinator-friendly and promote biodiversity. If you have a rain garden, Gutters and downspouts assist in directing water down to a berm in the rain garden. Water collects in the garden, then slowly seeps through a special soil mix that absorbs out and filters pollutants. If you live in a humid area or somewhere that experiences heavy rainfall, you may benefit from a rain garden.

Bonus Information: Contrary to popular beliefs, rain gardens don’t attract mosquitos if they drain properly. Plants requiring varying degrees of wetness can thrive in rain gardens. 

Tip #4- Add Stone to Your Landscaping 

Stone pathways, retaining walls, walkways, stepping stones, ornate rock walls, and many other options are available to block wind and reduce rain runoff. Quality stonework helps uplift the functionality and beauty of outdoor spaces while giving the property’s value a nice boost. 

Stone crafts by Stone Solutions Marine can be both attractive and functional. We offer various hardscaping and landscaping services to help elevate your lawn care efforts amid erratic climate changes. 

Tip #5- Hire Professional Landscapers 

Before you begin a landscaping project, seek the advice of a professional landscaper like Stone Solutions Maine, who has experience with severe weather landscaping in your area.

When you partner with us, you’ll never have to worry about safety, quality, or finish, regardless of the size of your yard or the landscaping and hardscaping goals you have in mind. 

Our cost-effective masonry, hardscaping, and landscaping services have become essential to modern homes because preventive measures can help ensure the yard stays in good shape all year round. They are provided by professionals who follow proper building practices to ensure your hardscape lasts forever. 

Feel free to contact us to learn how we can help you with stone veneer installation for steps and walkways, custom outdoor fire pits, custom paver driveways and patios, stonewalls, and many other home improvement projects at affordable rates.