Whether you’re looking to completely overhaul your yard or have your lawn’s grass mowed, landscaping is essential to creating a beautiful outdoor space. It’s no wonder that the landscaping market has grown by nearly $15 billion in the last two years!

But how do you know when it’s time to landscape? Here are five signs to watch out for.

Stone walkway with beautiful landscaping1. Your Plants Are Dying

Studies show that the calming effect of plants helps improve our concentration and memory. Whether you’re working from home, on your patio, or doing yoga on your lawn, being surrounded by nature will undoubtedly make you feel better. Unfortunately, the opposite happens when you’re around dying flowers and plants.

Plants can die of natural causes since they’re living organisms. For example, some seasonal plants will die in the cold winter season. However, if they’re dying all year round, then the most likely cause is neglect. We must ensure plants are getting enough water, sunlight, fertilizer, and protection from pests. Dying plants make your outdoor space look unwelcoming and unappealing. 

If the plants in your yard are dying, we recommend hiring a professional landscaping service. They’ll assess the situation and recommend the best way to bring your plants back to life, or plant new ones.

2. Your Landscape Looks Overgrown

An overgrown landscape will create problems for you and your neighbors. Overgrown plants will cover your lawn’s path, making it hard to get to your home. It’ll also attract some of Maine’s unwanted invasive pest species such as the Brown-tail Moth Caterpillar. This species produces toxins that trigger breathing troubles and skin rashes in sensitive individuals.

If you don’t want people getting sick because of your yard, then you must trim your lawn plants. However, doing it yourself will take a lot of time and energy. You’re also unlikely to have the right tools. Therefore, we recommend hiring a professional landscaping service to restore your landscape to its original beauty.

3. Your Neighbors Are Complaining

An unkempt yard will lead to awkward and even uncomfortable conversations with your neighbors. Imagine arguing with your neighbor about your hedge first thing in the morning. Doesn’t that sound like a horrible way to start the day?

You can prevent this by hiring a landscaping service and ensuring that your landscape is always well-kept and looks neat and green. They’ll have the right tools and experience to transform your landscape. Before you know it, your lawn will go from being the source of your neighbors’ complaints to the source of their envy!


4. You Have Pest Issues

Many bugs are necessary to ensure that your lawn and plants thrive and flourish. For instance, bees will help pollinate your plants to fill your yard with beautiful flowers in the spring season. However, unwanted bugs can also wreak havoc on your outdoor space. 

If you have too many leaves and tall grasses, these will stay in your yard. They might then attach themselves to you or your dogs! For example, depending on where you are in Maine, a white-tailed deer might cross through your backyard—bringing ticks with it.

Therefore, it’s crucial to keep your outdoor spaces landscaped and remove plants that attract pesky pests. We recommend calling professional landscapers to ensure your yard doesn’t become a haven for ticks.


5. Winter Just Ended

Winter can damage your yard’s plants in numerous ways. Some of this damage is artificial—for example, road salt could make its way to your plants and damage their roots. However, the damage can also be natural—for instance, Maine’s icy winter winds dry out the water in plants each year, causing them to wilt and die. Either way, landscaping is crucial to reviving your outdoor spaces after the winter season ends.

If the thought of having a different set of flowers in your yard each spring sounds magical, then get in touch with a professional landscaping service today! We recommend hiring professional landscapers to assess and remedy the winter damage to your landscape. This professional assistance will also give you the perfect opportunity to put new plants into your lawn at the end of each winter.

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