Are you looking to upgrade your outdoor space with some cool hardscape features and additions? It’s an excellent idea! 

Outdoor fireplaces and pits are a great way to amp up your outdoor living spaces and bring new life to your front or backyards.

Let us share some reasons why getting an outdoor fireplace installed is the right move for you.

Allows you to enjoy your outdoor spaces during the colder seasons

Here in Maine, it can get chilly at night! Not to mention the random cooler day we can sometimes get. A fire pit will allow you to enjoy your outdoor space regardless of our climate’s ups and downs.  Adding a fireplace outside will also allow you to enjoy your outdoor spaces even during the dead of winter.

You can sit out there with your friends and family, start a fire, and roast some marshmallows with a cup of hot chocolate. It’s the perfect feature to make your outdoor space multipurpose and usable all year round.

You can host BBQs and bonfires in your backyard

Sure, hosting indoor parties is fun and all, but there’s so much potential being wasted. Controlled fires at home create a warm and welcoming environment, plus they’re great for hosting bonfires and BBQs. 

Installing a fireplace in your backyard will make your outdoor space and garden feel more inviting, where you and your family can hang out and relax.

Two stonework fireplaces installed in a backyard

Outdoor fireplaces add to the look of your house

Hardscape features such as a deck, water features, and fire pits are installed to make your garden and yard look beautiful and well put together. You can use them as a focal point and design the rest of the area around it.

They increase your property value

When selling our well-loved home, we’re hoping to get a good return on investment, and you really can’t expect that if your place doesn’t look appealing or has something that people would want. 

An outdoor fireplace increases your home’s market value. It immediately stands out from other homes and attracts more buyers. Homeowners want to invest in properties that offer more than just the basics. It creates a trend of embracing the outdoors and maximizing these living spaces.

Having an outdoor fireplace is an excellent return on investment for your property. 

Ties in your outdoor space

If you feel like your outdoor space is all over the place with nothing making sense, maybe you need to bring in a feature that ties it all together. 

An outdoor fireplace doubles as an accent piece for your outdoor space. It gives structure, definition, and character to your space. It makes it feel homely and inviting while enhancing your space. A fireplace or pit is more than just a design element. 

Hire a landscaping contractor to install or build your perfect fireplace

Want a fireplace installed in your home’s outdoor space in the South Portland area? Reach out to us!

At South Solutions Maine, we offer premium stonework and custom fireplace installations to enhance the appearance of your property and make your outdoor spaces multi-purposed.