Is your mantel looking sad and lonely now that the holiday season has passed? Mantels usually serve as the focal point of living rooms. It’s where friends and family gather around to talk and share happy moments. So, it ought to be decorated for every season rather than just the holiday one. If you are looking for fireplace mantel design ideas to make your place look alive, this blog is sure to come in handy.

Take a look at some of the top tips to decorate your fireplace mantel and impress your guests.

1.  Minimalistic Mantel Makeover

As the noted architect, Ludwig Mies van der Rohe said, ‘less is more.’ Whether you are interested in low-cost ways to spruce up your interior or do not wish to spend a lot of time decorating, a minimalistic approach will work best for you. In other words, make it simple – but significant.

Think about the main items you want to display on the mantel. This might be a painting you love or perhaps a family portrait. Maybe you have some unique décor accessories you would like to exhibit on the mantelpiece? Even if there’s nothing specific you want to bring focus on, you can just use a few vases, mini photo frames, or a fancy mirror for a simple and elegant look. For a cozy feel, try using warm colors, such as maroon. 

2.  Symmetric Style

Symmetric décor looks stunning on all kinds of mantels, be it a brick fireplace, glass fireplace, or a stone fireplace. Going for asymmetric style opens up a whole world of fireplace mantel design ideas.

To begin with, you can use a variety of décor items in different shapes and sizes. Just remember that you will need two of everything as the goal is to create a mirror-image. Generally, you will need a large centerpiece and smaller accessories to place around it. For instance, have an imposing flower pot in the middle and put candlesticks on either side for a homely feel. 

If there are any issues with the chimney or mantel wall, you can contact professional stone fireplace installers at Stone Solutions Maine for help. 

3.  Inspirational Imbalance

Balanced mantel décor gives a clean and organized look. However, in some interiors, asymmetric style can provide an even better aesthetic appeal.  Note that asymmetric décor is not synonymous with randomly placing items around the mantel. You still need to put some thought into it. 

The general rule of thumb is to mix and match different styles. But avoid overdoing it with a wide range of assortments. You can contrast colors, shapes, sizes, and even materials. For example, use wooden décor against a marble mantelpiece or vice versa. Place rustic elements on a modern glass fireplace. Or a glass showpiece on a stone fireplace. For a truly unique touch, place a dominating tree on one side of the mantel while leaving the other side void of any large item. 

4.  Colorful Captivity

People usually think of red, green, white, and golden when it comes to decorating the mantel. But cozy mantel décor does not necessarily mean that you have to incorporate Christmas-y colors. The best fireplace mantel design ideas can utilize an array of colors and still give a homey vibe. The key is to balance bright and vibrant colors with cozier elements.

For example, if your hearth has a vividly colored floor spread, you can offset it by using winter greenery, a large garland, or a wreath for decorating the mantel. 

5.  Green Gatsby

This mantel décor idea can be a little hard to implement and maintain. But the extra effort is definitely worth it. Using lots of real plants not only jazz up the heart but also provide a warm and cozy feel all around the year. Some low maintenance houseplants that thrive in Maine include snake plant, Chinese money plant, Chinese evergreen, and creeping thyme. 

For a stunning effect, place large potted plants on both sides of the fireplace and multiple small pots on top of the mantel. Adding chic décor items, such as a birdcage (even without birds inside), potpourris, or scented candles, can take the ambiance of the room to the next level.

Redesign Your Fireplace Mantel

Smart homeowners looking for an inherently impressive mantel usually opt for stone or brick fireplaces. And rightly so! 

Stone and brick fireplaces not only give the room a touch of class but are also very versatile in terms of complementing different interior design themes. If you wish to create an exquisite look with a brick or stone fireplace, our professional stone installers in Maine can help you out. 

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